Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What to wear this week.

Elloes my Pumpkin Pies!
It's 2 a.m. in the morning and for some God forsaken reason, sleep seems to have abandoned me. So here I am sitting online, looking for people I can entertain with my random nonsensical rants(mind you, the later you speak to me, the more amusing you will find me), but they too seem to have deserted me. So it's just me and my Cinnamom Sunshine tonight. And since I have nothing of any use to tell you about, I'm going to make a list or lists may be, depending on how bored I am.
List no 1 - What to wear this week.
firstly I'm a very lazy person. I wake up at 10 a.m. for a 10.30 a.m. lecture and manage to move out by 10.45. Shame on me! And in my hurry to eat and bathe and eat some more I barely get a chance to spend time on dressing up (Haha. I can almost hear people who know me too well say - What a friggin Liar!). The point is, I almost feel like I'm in some sort of drunken stupor because my brain refuses to function. Plus, if you've looked at my closet, you'd think it was hit by a tornado. Imagine looking for you favourite pink boat neck tee in that mess. Sounds like a real adventure, no? But if you're already running so late, that you doubt you'll make it for the lecture even after half of it is over, not so much of an adventure ladies (the reason I say ladies is because the gentlemen probably closed this tab a loooooong time ago)! So I have decided to become a more organised person starting today! I'm going to make a list of things I intend to wear this week. That way I wont have to wrack my brains in the morning, plus I can look through that tornado-stricken mess at night itself and find whatever I need for the next day one, in advance (Yeaaa right.).

1. Dark Blue capris + Parrot Green tee + Purple bandhini Dupatta (as a stoal) + Journalist bag + Silver anklets + Colourful Mojris

2. Faded jeans + Scottish Pinafore with Black Puff sleeved tee + denim Converse + Navy Blue/ Black bag + Silver Hoops

3. Brown Pleated Skirt + White Puff Sleeved blouse + Golden Princess Locket + Cream Sequined Purse + Golden Ballerinas

4. Black leggings + Green mini skirt + White tee with black face print + Black and Golden Ballerinas

5. Denim capris + Black vest + Pink polka Dotted Hoodie + Denim Converse + Pink star earrings

6. Navy blue dress + Black cardigan + Pink satin tie ups + Pink Star earrings

7. Black leggings + Long white top with silver embossing + Black cardigan + Black satin flip flops with diamond studs + Silver Hoops + Diamond butterfly pendant

That's all for this week :)
Lots and lots of love <3


Esha said...

You just made a 'what I will wear for a week' list? ._. *backs away slowly*

sulagna said...

i love the colors..oh i love the colors...

fun to read this one babe

oh again :) i love the colors

Weirdo guy said...

seriously a list for CLOTHES TO WEAR ??!!! O_o

Trying picking the clothes that are at top of the heap... Simpler and MUCH faster too. !!

P.S The only words i understood from the list were- purple,green,blue, black, silver and brown :P

oRange* said...

omg! thats quite a detailed list!

make one for me tooo! i hate planning
i'll pay u :P

*Shreya* said...

oh even i fuss a LOT about my clothes!!! and i think thats sooooooooooo cool :P

just that you seem to me like a typical girl dresser, and that makes me want to scream at myself for the kinda clothes i choose, from the guys section :D

Lavender said...

@ Sulagna: Thanku :)

@Weirdo Guy : Lol that's such a typical guy thing to say. But what the heck! Your comments always crack me up :)

@ Shreya: Spend a week with me and you'll suddenly find yourself attracted to all things girly :) Believe me it happens to all of my friends!

@Orange: I'd LOVE to do that for u!

Parinita said...

"Stoal" is spelt stole! And you haven't even followed the list you made. Boo.

Lavender said...

hahaha louuuu stoal sounds cooler :p
Secondly, i did wear green tee with purple dupatta yesterday :P

Lavender said...

hahaha louuuu stoal sounds cooler :p
Secondly, i did wear green tee with purple dupatta yesterday :P

Lavender said...

hahaha louuuu stoal sounds cooler :p
Secondly, i did wear green tee with purple dupatta yesterday :P