Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's time for Resolutions baby :)

Who cares if I don't keep them (which I very much intend to btw) it gives me a reason to rant, so rant I will :)

  1. Be a more positive person and spread the positivity to the less fortunate. When I say less fortunate I mean - Omg! He doesn't love me anymore, My parents never give me enough money, All the problems in the World keep piling up on me, ityadi, ityadi.
  2. Be less bitchy. Not that I'm bitchy or anything (snicker and you will die) but I want to be nicer to people, including those I hate and those who dress like absolute losers(yes it is a very important standard by which I judge people. deal with it!)
  3. Kiss good-bye to gluttony. *Sigh*
  4. Kiss good-bye to Shopaholicism. yes I really did say that and no I am not possesed.
  5. Kiss goodbye to lazyness. Like may be a little later.
  6. Be more healthy. Go for walks, eat ghaspoos, dry fruits, drink green tea, ityadi, ityadi...
  7. Find a sexy boi.
  8. Learn to wake up early.
  9. Get awesome marks.
  10. Look for awesome internships.
  11. Basically do a lot of useful things in life so I can tell my kids- hamere time mein toh main sabse phast(first :P) aaya karti thi. Not that I intend to talk to them like that or anything, but it just gives that mamma-ish feel. Know what I mean? :P
  12. Apply to some really awesome Unis by the end of this year and say goodbye to Matrubhumi. But don't worry Mumbai, I love you very much and I'll be back someday for good.
  13. Read a lot of good books. Know more, crow more.
  14. Religiously read newspapers, not one in five days. Be an awesome Journo student.
  15. Learn more Belly Dance.
  16. Be very spiritual. meditate for atleast 20 minutes everyday.
  17. Learn how to read the Osho tarot deck (ThankU E!).
  18. Be more artistic.
  19. Grow hair and be Rupanzel-like for 2011.
  20. Lastly, learn to return library books on time. *Sigh*

So this is it for now.
I think 2010 will be fab.
And at the end of it I'll be okay.
Fab actually.
Happy New Year Losers!
XoXo (yea too much of Gossip Girl these days)

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Ajay said...

Hey Lavender,

So many so good! I hope you achieve all of them!

Wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Fantabulous 2010.

Keep Bloggin!