Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 and Me.

Since I'm feeling extremely positive this time round, I'm going to introspect a little and talk about all the things I have achieved this year. So, achieved is pushing it a bit. Let's talk about all the things that have made me proud of me.

First and foremost, I got my first paycheque. I know working for Campus Junkie doesn't really count as working, but I loved every bit of it. The best part was blowing my own cash. Hell I shopped a lot. I went about it in a very oraganised manner (Note to myself : Learn to be organised in things other than shopping as well).I made a fancy list of all the things I want to buy.  And I mamanged to buy a lot of stuff from my list. :D

I finally started teaching. I was so apprehensive in the beginning. I knew I can dance and teach well. But the prospect of addressing so many people at one time was overwhelming. I thought that my students would never like me enough to come back. Well guess what? They do. And they say pretty good stuff about me. And at this point I don't even care if I have to handle 50 students. I'm pretty sure I can do it . :)

Plus, I like how I've gotten in touch with the dancer in me. I almost can't imagine myself not dancing now. Writing is still the first love of my life. But everytime I tie that coin belt around my waist and let the music reign over my soul, it gives me a magical feeling.

Well I write more than ever before. There was a phase where I had almost stopped writing because I was too caught up in other things. I can't even relate to that phase anymore. I also wrote my first short story this year. So yay me :P

Plus, I update my blog regularly. I do have someone to thank for that (Thank you E-shade for inspiring me to start one and then updating yours regularly so I feel pretty loserish about not updating mine).

As for my Fashion Blog, not to be too dramatic or anything, but I feel like it gives meaning to my life. Some people take pictures of animals, some people take pictures of new places. The reason they do that is because they're fascinated by the subject. Well what should a girl do if fashion fascinates her more than anything? Well take pictures of the magic that pieces of clothing can create and share it with the World.

Well, I'm also really happy that this year I finally discovered how much Fashion means to me. I've always been a little crazy that way, but now I feel like it's the art form I believe in. It's such an integral part of me that I can't do away with it. So whatever I choose to do later in life, the element of fashion has to be there.

Well, I made peace with my spiritual side. Until I was 16, Religion and Spirituality had almost no meaning in my life. And when I felt the inclination towards them, a lot of things started to go upside down. I realised I had more questions than answers, and it started to affect me majorly. But as I mentioned earlier, I have understood myself further and made peace with that side of me.

I discovered I can heal people. It's a beautiful feeling you know, when you manage to ease the pain and bring a smile on someone's face. It leaves them feeling extremely positive. And believe me, that positivity is contagious.

I finally managed to heal, if you know what I mean, found the self-esteem I think I never really had and generally imbibed a very positive towards life in general.

I also lost weight :) But then again I found it in the IV.
I managed to grow my hair, but mad-O-Wot ruined it for me (Stupid salon will rot in hell).
Oh and I finally wore my pink net stockings :D (judge me and DIE)


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

thats such a great list!! And its nice to know you're so positive!!!

Esha said...

Hmm, 'straight from the master' sounds a little off :P

Esha said...


You also learned how to hit on random people, straight from the master :P

oRange* said...

wowiee! thats quite a list :)
discovering your spiritual feels heavenly! totally.

Shweta said...

Reading this post made me happy. Make what you will of it :)

Rishi said...

u teach?? 50 students?? waaoo... nice going (for the whole post)..


Himani Sanghvi said...

It's a very lovely feel good post ^_^

sulagna said...

pink stocking!!! girl way to go!!! i am looking for those pink and black stripped stockings for winter..god bless someone who leads me to it :)

loved you first time here..but you being followed now!

Lavender said...

@Sulagna : Come down to Bbay I'll help you find them :)

@Rishi: No the most I have taken is 30 students. But what i meant was I don't get intimidated by the numbers anymore :)

oRange* said...

hey listen, my exams just got over and im pretty jobless as of now and that gets to me
so i just wanted to know if u know of any freelance jobs in mind?
just incase ..
if u do, do let me know
drop in a mail -

P.S: dont approve this comment :P
there was no other way to get to u


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

What a beautiful, heart touching post! Never knew you were into teaching. That is such a noble, fulfilling position for yourself and for kids because there is so much that you can do to make things happen for kids who are struggling learners.

Glad to know you are pursuing your interests like fashion blog. I hope the new year packs in more excitement too!

Lavender said...

@ Swapna : I teach dance actually :)

@Orange: I published your comment just incase somebody who has a job in mind reads this and decides to mail u :D

Rishi said...

what do u teach??

write a blog abt it.. describe it... ;)

Lavender said...

Thats a great idea. thanks Rishi :)

PaPiLLon said...

that was some list!! i would have been damn proud of myself!!
m trying hard but apart from the getting in touch with my spiritual side...m wondering..what did i do yaar!! :) :P