Monday, December 7, 2009

Blitzkrieg, COWS and the Magazine Committee.

For those of you who don't know what Blitzkrieg is, slap yourself 200 times before going further into this post.
Now let me explain. It's a college festival.
Actually calling it 'A' college festival is demeaning it to some extent.
So I'm going to put it this way-
It is 'The' College Festival.
Plus it is a BMM fest.
So brownie points for that.

For some other people it is the highlight of their academic year.
They start making decisions about it a year in advance and basically have nothing else to discuss until Blitz comes around, after which the sole focus of their life is to start preparing for the next Blitzkrieg.
I appreciate such people. I really do.
If it weren't for them we wouldn't have a fest at all.
I am however pleased to inform all of you that I have a life and Blitzkrieg is only occupying 1/50 of my mind space right now.
That in no way means I'm not going to work for Blitz.
I am, and whole heartedly because it sounds like way too much fun.

The only thing that was stopping was the fact that I was in a committee that was totally not working for me.
It's called the COWS committee by the way.
Before you start snickering let me tell you what the full form is.
Closing, Opening, Workshops and Seminars.
Doesn't sound so bad eh?
Well it isn't.
I worked for it last year and had quite a good time.
But this year I kept feeling so unmotivated.
At the same time I couldn't really find another committee that really works for me.

And then the Magazine Committee came along.
Could I ask for something better?
Could I?
It's so much fun to let others do all the difficult work while you just watch them, smirk and write about all of it.
It makes Blitzkrieg so much more exciting.
So from now on I stalk meetings, get updates from everyone, get the inside gossip, write funny articles, my opinion on the different events (like I'm some important journalist and my opinion really matters), have my own Fashion Page, stalk hot guys from other colleges, put all of it in a magazine that I have put my sweat and blood into, plus hold meetings and boss over my juniors.

So all I have to say is Blitzkrieg 2010 here I come :D


Anonymous said...

****Still slapping****

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love your header picture. The blog looks so colourful and lovely now. Yayy, the magazine committee and all sounds exciting! Looking forward to Blitzkrieg. :D

Lavender said...

Haha thanks Zeba :)
And u really didnt know what Blitz was? Reaaalllyyy?

Anonymous said...

Haha...of course I do. :) It's one of the better ones of all the BMM fests, I enjoyed it the year before last. And I'm even coming for it this year!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

lol!!!! The magazine part sounds SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavender said...

@Harini : It is :)

@Zeba : yay! I'm so happy ur coming :)

Weirdo guy said...

wait a minute.... wasn't blitzkrieg a war strategy used by germans in world war 2 involving small mobile units, consisting of infantry and aroured vehicles, attacked a much larger force at a certain point and thu- *gets smacked on the head for being a bore*

my bad got carried away there !

BTW totally dig the 60's header !! Reminds me of katherine hepburn and vivian leigh!

Lavender said...

Yay am so glad u liked the header :)

And yea you're right about Blitzkrieg
9 years ago however some smart ass from my college decided to name our Fest Blitzkrieg.
Don't ask me why? :P
So that's what Blitzkrieg means to all of us :)

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Naresh said...

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