Saturday, December 12, 2009

Because you are not him.

                                             (The picture is for representational purposes only)

She looked at him and then looked away.
She didn't have the right answer to his question.
"Why do you keep pushing me away?"
That's the only answer he'd ever asked for.
That's the only answer she could never give him.

Everytime a boy made his move, she'd find herself feeling extremely queasy.
She felt the urge to push him away befor he made his way into the forbidden territory.
He doesn't belong here.
That's what she'd tell herself.

She wasn't afraid of letting people in.
And it wasn't love she was afraid of.
It's just that she still loved him too much.
It's funny how time and space changed none of that.

And that boy sitting in front of her...
He was perfect.
He really was.
But there was just one problem.

He was not him.
He was just not him.


Esha said...

Wah wah! Wah wah!

Nahla said...

oh :( i loved it

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...


Disguise said...

Amazing would be an understatement :)

Amnn.......//1! said...

yet again gallsss..!!!!
i m tired of them ..

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PaPiLLon said...

that was so gud yaa!!
is that ur pic btw??

Lavender said...

Thanks guys :)

@papillion : nah. the girl is a friend of mine :)

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Ajay said...

This is deep!

Keep the expression flowing! He is one lucky guy!


Koo said...

I just happened to come across this, and it was truly wonderful!