Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rajasthan <3


Jack said...


Thanks for beautiful photographs. This took me back by many many years. I think I have been to some of these places. Is the first one Ummaid Bhawan? Wish you had given captions.

Take care

N J said...

Incredible India...

*Shreya* said...

you know, that Viagra thingy, its so funny, cause every freaking person whose been to rajasthan has a picture of it, it was in the papers, all over facebook, probably in tourism books also by now =D

i got one too!!! :P

wonderful place!!!!

Disguise said...

Amazing pictures :)

Weirdo guy said...

Woah you went for your Iv to RAJASTHAN ???

*face fills with jealousy*

My department has been too caught up in bureaucracy and fighting hassles to yet decide about our IV


P.S Though i did LOLed at the viagra bedsheet pic what does it mean ?? :P

Lavender said...

Helloe Weirdo guy
It means what you think it means :P
And you guys should fight for an IV man.
U have no idea what you're missing out on!

Akshay said...

Great Pics!
Thanks for sharing.

What do you do in an IV btw?

akshita said...

i m in love with ur pics. such a wonder pics i ever seen thanks to share thes pics with us.