Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hello Muffins!
Such a happy Sunday morning it is!
Well, I dragged myself out of bed and almost fainted looking at the mess around me.
What happens when a part of your closet(read clothes, shoes, jewelery, scarves, belts) is scattered on the bedroom floor, while the rest of it is sitting in three different bags, lying somewhere amidst the excessive clutter?
The mere thought of having to clean was putting me back to sleep.
Well my ideal Sunday mornings entail endless cups of Cappuccinos followed by absolutely delicious breakfast, while flipping through pages of the Brunch(HT supplement).
Grumbling over a backache caused by standing for long hours at the studio and walking around with a bag the size of a travel bag, is really not a plan for the plan.
Did I mention I had exactly half an hour to eat, get ready and clear the place up before I could leave for work?
And yes I did have the irresistible urge to slap myself for trying to be 'superwoman'.

But when I finally got here and logged onto the Indiatimes movies website, I couldn't stop grinning to myself.
Trying to handle college, endless projects with work, seemed absolutely worth it.
Two of my stories were in the highlights.
So there was one shady piece of gossip about Rani Mukherjee, which has been edited(read: murdered) and a Fashion feature.
Well my first fashion feature as 'Fashion Police'.
The content of the article is not too different from my Blog(Purple-Peeptoes), but it feels awesome to be able to talk to a larger audience now.
And the good news is that, it's going to be a weekly column from now on!
Yes, I feel awesome!
Awesome about how everything is falling into place.
I've completed a month at this office and see things get brighter everyday.
I've gotten to know a lot of people who are willing to get me in touch with big designers and stylists.
So my summer internship seems like something I'm going to look forward to.
First it seemed like a far fetched dream (read: lack of experience and no money to get a portfolio done).
In circumstances like these, I chanced upon a model and photographer in dire need of resources.
And now we've formed a team that's going to help all of us.
The the mere thought of it is so exhilarating.
The backache and the clutter seems like a an insignificant price to pay.
It is an awesome Sunday morning.
And from where I'm standing, it seems like and endless row of beautiful mornings.

P.S. For those of you who want to read the article, here's the link

P.P.S. Thanks so much for all the photography ideas. I'll upload the pictures I took soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photography Project.

Hello Cookie Crumbles.
You know since I have started this Blog, the only thing I have been doing is giving and giving more, be it in terms of knowledge, advice, gyaan, entertainment, moral support. I have been an extremely selfless person and put my followers before myself everytime. How about you repay me for all my kindness by closing that Facebook window and giving me ideas for my photography project.
Let me explain. My topic is 'despair' and no I cannot take pictures of people who look sad, depressed and traumatised. Thank you for being so cretaive. The point is to think out of the box and come up with something more abstract. I have a list of ideas. Go through them and give me suggestions of your own. And please try not to be too technical. Technology and I are not exactly the best of friends, you know?

A goat being slaughtered.
A woman staring at an empty craddle.
A hungry cat.
A man behind bars.
A suicide letter.
Broken green bangles (signifying the woman's lost her husband).
Bare worn out feet with classy high heels in the background.
A coffin.
A man having his shorn off (showing someone in the family has expired).
Newspaper headlines.
A woman. A martiny glass. And a ring. (Not very original but I really empathise with that sort of despair)

That's all I have thought of as of now.
let me know what you guys can think of.
Bisous <3

Stills in High Heels

Ooooooommmmmgggggggggg today was awesome!
So what if I have made it home with smelly clothes, a mind that is too tired to function, eyes that for once are overwhelmed with the display of colours, legs that are silently abusing me for the torture they have been subjected to and a stomach that has survived up till now on just ONE paratha? *faints*

Today I got a glimpse of how I want the rest of my life to be.

Well, you do know that Blitzkrieg is coming up and I haven't exactly been giving up my goodnight sleep over it or putting everything else on hold just so I can be a part of the process. Of course, there is my Magazine Committee, but we're a really lazy lot.

Now that the photography event has come along, I suddenly find myself more enthused about Blitz than I ever was!

7 models, 7 photographers, an in-studio shoot, a ramp show, haute couture, a make up artist, a hair stylist and a look designer.
Do you want to guess what role I am going to play in this little reality show of our own?
Well no points for guessing right answer.

So let me tell you how we went about it. The first thing we did was making them sit and giving them a big talk. Shivam used fancy words like haute couture, and quotes which nobody understood, while dropping in names of famous photographers every now and then to make the audience go wow. then we took them to the boutique so they could pick their outfits. One for the photoshoot and one for the ramp.

So what I had to do was, have a little talk with each of the models ask them the sort of look they wanted, explain the look I thought would suit them, and then watch the Bridezillas in the making completely ransack the boutique to an extent that it resembled a godown filled with way too many people for it's own good.

But it was so much fun I tell you! Just looking at the stuff there was therapeutic. I loved the whole process of putting their outfit together, picking out their accessories, and advising them on the sort of shoes they should wear. I love how they'd look at me all wide-eyed and mouth open, like I was giving them the most life-changing advice. I loved how there were piles of clothes EVERYWHERE. I loved how the clueless guys picked up the most atrocious outfits and hated me for telling them so. I loved how we took six whole hours to pick just two outfits for each model. But nothing, absolutely nothing beats the happy faces of the models when they left the boutique feeling absolutely special.

So I'm going to say this one more time.
Today was the sax.
Tomorrow is going to be even better!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Secret.

I have heard so much about this book, but I could never get myself to buy a copy. It talks about the Law of Attraction, a secret I learned when I was 16. I used to use it a lot then. I managed to make a lot of things happen. But I also miserably failed while attempting the others. I lost Faith. And somewhere along the line, The law of Attraction was forgotten.

The other day I left home without a book. It was going to be a long day and I didn't think I'd survive without one. Just then I literally walked into a Book Stall on the street. Just when I gave up looking, The Secret caught my eye. I started to recollect the random conversations I have had regarding this book, with a lot people. Although I am familiar with the Law, I found myself curious, hopeful and in dire need to make some serious amends. I picked up a copy of the most life changing book I have read so far.

Well, I have been a changed person in the recent past. More accepting of myself, more in control of my emotions and happier than ever before. Yet, there were times I felt I needed to change some areas of my life, but I didn't have the power to make those amends. Do you see how the Universe works? The answer literally found me.

I am sure you are already familiar with the wishful thinking bit, so I thought I'd share the biggest stumbling block to happiness. For one we are as likely to attract the negative emotions, as we are to attract positive. So while I managed to attract the good things, I also attracted a lot of pain and distress, simply because I believed that pain and distress were the consequences of a particular action. I wallowed in pity, because I believed it would hurt. I had terrible experiences, because I believed the negativity would affect. There were times when I felt I wasn't adequate enough. But the you know what? I was. And if I had believed so myself, others would have too.

There were also things I things that I really wished would happen, or messed up things, I wished would work themselves out. But I was always so negative about it. I didn't believe it was in my hands and I blamed it on anything and everything I possibly could. Destiny, Karma, Past Life. You name it.

So I have firmly decided, that I'm not going to let anybody or anything, least of all my own delusional mind, decide the course of my Life. I'm going to buy myself a Golden Book and write down each and every chapter I want to see. Because it IS in my hands.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bubble of Happiness

When something really awesome happens, something else not so happens to break the Bubble of Happiness and give you a reality check basically. I have the liberty to come up with my own article ideas at work and upload them on the website. For an intern to be allowed to do that on her first day at work...very, very wow, no?

And just when I thought it's going to be all happy and smooth sailing with me endlessly ranting about celebs and gossip and fashion and everything that is of no importance to everyone, the happiness bubble is burst.

Apparently, my job doesn't end there. I have to learn to upload it on the site as well. Now you're smirking and telling yourself 'That's not such a big deal. We upload blog posts everyday'. Except, it isn't that simple. There's some software to be learned. And it's very complicated. You think they'd make a technically challenged girl who can't even use Microsoft Word properly do all of this?! The big bad world I tell you!

But then theory #2 (which I made up this very instant) says that right after the spoiler, there's an awesome un-spoiler. So I'm sitting slumped looking at my computer screen wondering, omg how am I ever going to learn this, I spot his itam (read:eye candy) in the periphery of my vision. Slowly and steadily the corner of my lips curl. Eye candy in the office. Woohoo!

Two minutes later Itam walks towards our side of the office. Four minutes later boss introduces us and magic happens. Through his black rimmed glasses and my grey rimmed glasses, our eyes meet and then everything stops for a moment, music plays in the background, and my stole flies a little before he smiles and suddenly says hi.

Then happiness bubble which was soaring way, way beyond the ceiling of the office goes pop. Apparently, he didn't belong to this office. Didn't belong to any office, I think. He had come there with some shady looking film-maker friend of his to show us a film they had made.

First, I see the glasses. Second, I see this very, very saxy (not sexy, sAxy) beard. Third, I see nice grey shirt, then I come to know he's filamwala. What can I say, I was very, very impressed. So impressed that I was on the verge of grinning to myself like an idiot. Happiness bubble started to soar again. Make hay while the sun shines, right? :D

And then we watched the movie. We, as in not the two of us, the entire office and then more brownie points were mentally given to Itam. After that everyone sat and discussed the movie. Well I didn't have much to say except for may be 'wow' so I just shut up and listened. Not too much conversation happened. But it so happens that Itam will be coming soon again. And that is the happy ending to my story.

P.S. Happiness bubble is still soaring :D

P.P.S. Of course a lot of description is HIGHLY exaggerated.

P.P.P.S. Itam if you accidentally landed up on my blog and read this, don't hold it against me. Just don't!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fashion Suicidal (Part 2)

1. Crocs. The only sort of footwear that is actually uglier than a pair of floaters. Just give me a good reason why absolutely anybody would want to make their feet look ugly and gigantic. It's a conspiracy I tell you. I bet people with unusually large feet came up with crocs. And it's bad enough that they were available everywhere, now they have opened up entire shops for the sole purpose of selling them!

2. Asymmetrical skirts. It's 2010 my friend. Looks like your calendar is still stuck on 2004.

3. Tie Up Heels. Yes they were the coolest things ever and that was FIVE years ago, so pleaaassseeeee stop wearing or will cry and scream!

4. Fish-tail skirts. Done to death my friend. Done to Death.

5. Tees with lame slogans.I'm not against slogan tees, but Good Lord I see such lame ones. It makes me wonder where this World is going. The other day someone was wearing a tee that said 'I'm on a see food diet. Whenever I see food I eat it!'. What about- 'If you want Breakfast in bed, sleep in the Kitchen.' Uhh reaallyy? The worst of the lot has to be FBI- female body investigator. The next time I see one of those I'm going to wear a tee that says - MBC: Male Body Castrator.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fashion Suicidal (Part One)

Cream and Grey. You know when I look at colours like these, I am thinking why do they even call them colours?! They look like pieces of cloth that have been either worn more than a zillion times or passed on from generation to generation until they lost every bit of colour. And to think that some fashionably advanced people would pair the two of them together! The ultimate fashion disaster I tell you!

Pink and Pink. Trying to play Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde. Sorry honey, you’re really not cute enough to pull it off. Your life is not a movie either. And the chances of it ever being a movie are close to nil. So may be if you’re thinking pretending to be glamourous might help and I‘m so sorry dear, even that is never going to happen.

Floaters and Socks. If you're feeling cold, please wear a pair of sneakers okay? Floaters are not the new sneakers. And if you think your feet are that ugly, then just get a friggin pedicure done!

Floaters and Anklets. You know it's bad enough that you're wearing floaters and well let's face it, they're terribly ugly. And then you think you're being oh-so-glamorous by wearing anklets with them. To think that you'd insult something as pretty as an anklet my teaming it up with a Floater! There is no respect for pretty little things in this World!

Printed pants and printed tees. Have you seen those god-awful jeans with stuff written all over them and like a million gazillion pockets? I can't stand the sight of them. But you know what is worse than wearing them, wearing them with a shirt that is filled with those hideous patterns. It's amazing how they manage to ruin a perfectly nice plain shirt with all that 'creativity'.

Low Waisted Jeans. Low waisted jeans aren't the problem. The butt crack I am forced to see however is.
• Sweat pants with stuff written across the rear-end. You know I see these sweat pants with Delicious and Bootylicious written on them. But the stuff inside hardly ever fits the description.

• Leggings and short tops. Leggings are called leggings because they’re supposed to show the shape of your legs off. Do we want to see anything above that? I think not. Especially because most of the time it is pretty much shapeless.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sometimes I wish...

  • Sometimes I wish people still attended Balls.
  • Sometimes I wish the World would break into Song and Dance.
  • Sometimes I wish I could travel anywhere in the World I really wanted to.
  • Sometimes I wish I could sit alone by the sea and make conversations with random people.
  • Sometimes I wish I could bring a smile on every sad face.
  • Sometimes I wish I could fight every cause I believed in.
  • Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and see how it feels.
  • Sometimes I wish I could fast forward life, and take a sneak peak.
  • Sometimes I wish there was a pause button as well.
  • Sometimes I wish the good days would never end.
  • Sometimes I wish I could be with all the people who mattered the most.
  • Sometimes I wish I'd lived in a better World.
  • Sometimes I wish I could just write all day.
  • Sometimes I wish I could just bury myself in books.
  • Sometimes I wish things came without a price tag.
  • Sometimes I wish people would appreciate the little things that make their lives worthwhile.
  • Sometimes I wish people would care about others a little more.
  • Sometimes I wish people would realise their own worth.
  • Sometimes I wish people gave out a little less Hatred and a little more Love.
  • Sometimes I wish......