Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Because I like it here.

You know how you expect your typical first day at work to be, right?
You go home late wondering why you came here in the first place...
If all female bosses intentionally model themselves on Meryl Steep from 'The Devil wears Prada'...
And if work is all about being overworked and underpaid.

But it sort of helps if you're prepared for the worst.
It kind of turns your average first day to a not-so-average first day.
Infact, I left the office feeling -Wow! That wasn't bad at all.

For a while, all I have been doing is, going to college, pretending to take down notes, delaying all my projects, wasting way too much time on the phone, letting Facebook take over my life and hanging out with friends a little more than I should.
And that feeling of guilt....
Well. it had been lingering for a while now.

And then Indiatimes came along.
Ya, I know... not the most exciting place to work, but for beginners, believe me it's fab.
If you get to do something other than serving coffee and xeroxing papers, consider yourself very lucky.
And I am getting to do more than that.
I get to upload articles and actually be a part of my process.
Isn't it wonderful, the feeling that your opinion is actually counted?

Besides, the people also seem very nice.
Who wants to work in an office full of bitchy, condescending people right?
The loos are clean and the coffee is aaamaaazing!
Plus, one of my friends is working in the Zoom office, which is right opposite my office.
So I have nothing to complain about! :)
Ok, not nothing.
I do hate the fact that there are waaaay too many dogs in the compound.
Ah well! That I'm going to have to deal with.

That's all for now Cupcakes!
Merry X'ams and Happy New year!


*Shreya* said...

whoaaaa!! internship?!!

how'd you get it?!?

Nicole Andrea said...

indiatimes!! Interesting. Nice to hear work can be fun at times. Anyway take care and best of luck with the job and all that

Rishi said...

"The loos are clean and the coffee is aaamaaazing!"

can me come to join you??

I will deal wid those dogs... for once and twice

as for da new job... congrats..being among the esteemed club of thumb twiddler, I'm one da last person to comment how it should feel. u feel good and thats gr8

frangipani said...

happy X'ams huh?
Nice article, you've not 4gotten bout d doggg scare & as always u hav 2 chek out da toilets. They must be avg I guess; coz otherwise u wud've clicked a pic there.
Nice coffee works 4 all those who work in a boring office, so its an impt factor in determining one's stay in a job.
overall, well described.
but puhleeeeezzz..........change ur wallppr, it looks like the stick seal of nappy pads.
happy new year 2 u 2. ciao <3

sulagna said...

Indiatimes!!!! wow jee wow!!

oRange* said...

i'm so jealous :(
i have my vacations and im utterly jobless! lucky u!