Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping List!

Every new month calls for a new shopping list. So now I'm just going to rant endlessly about all the silly little things I need to buy. Yes need. Because my existence seems meaningless without such material possessions. So if you have nothing useful to do right now, you can go over the shopping highlights of March 2010.

Jackets. I feel extremely jackety for some reason. I want long jackets, short jackets, sleeveless jackets, puff sleeved jackets, dull jackets, bright jackets, plain jackets, printed jackets, you name it.

Stockings. I want Black net stockings with a crazy print and I want it now!!!!! Do you hear me God? N.O.W. Oh and while you're at it, you can thrown one of each colour :D Stripped ones will also be appreciated.

Teeny tiny, yet very classy dresses to go with the stockings.

Juuuummmmmppppsuits! Everytime I see a girl wear a jumpsuit, my conscience screams, how dare you not possess one?! I'm usually so embarrassed I can't even face my closet for the next two hours.

Oh and loads and loads of pumps and Mary janes! I can't wear the stockings with chappals no?

Green ones. And on sale preferably :P

Some very pretty puff sleeved blouses and pretty neck pieces to wear with them.

Of course I'd need a pair of new skinnies for the blouses. If I wear my old ones, the blouses will get offended na?

And finally some moneeeeyyyy!
And I give you a wonderful opportunity to contribute to "Lavender's Shopping Fund".
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Grumpiness personified.

You know what I dont like?
Long boring meetings that never seem to end, while the sound of your growling stomache is audible in the next room and the weight of your droopy eyelids seem heavier than the weights you lifted in the morning?
No I don't really lift weights, but it seems awesome to pretend like I have a very healthy lifestyle with my daily visits to the gym and all.
I also know that I hardly sound funny when I'm this grumpy, but I need to vent so shut up and listen ok?
The meeting starts at 1.34 p.m. and drags on till 4.14 p.m.
Time of last meal : 10:14 a.m.
You know what long periods of no food does to me?
It makes me very, very cranky.
Did I mention snappy?
AND Slappy (Read: Irresistible urge to slap someone)!
Such a long pointless meeting ONLY so she could tell us that we have to spend the entire night in the office uploading 'live updates and snippets' on the website.
Try not to smirk ok?
I am as it is find the scenario very, very amusing.
The awards are being treated like Obama's presidential speech or the coverage of the 26/11 or something.
Obviously we have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than upload the shady winners of the Filmfare.
Fine! So I generally don't.
But that justifies nothing ok!
And it's not as if I didn't get it the first time she told me.
Or the time after that.
OR that.
With all the ranting that I have done now, the grumpiness seems have lessened by 15.5 percent.
Have to leave for an event now, for which I am very excited(read: FREE cocktails).
Ok now that I'm having thoughts of pink martnis and lemon mojitos grumpiness have decreased by 85.5 percent.
On that note I shall leave.
See you later alligators!

Monday, February 22, 2010

For your ears only

(The title of this post has been inspired from the shady Katrina-Akshay song -For your eyes only! :P)

Eavesdropping can provide you with entertainment even reality shows fail to.
A colleague (let's call her Mo) walked into our department for a tete-a-tete with the gang.
That or just to show off the shiny cluster of rocks that adorned her perfectly manicured fingers.
It was such an amusing conversation.
While the ladies were cooing over the new ring and pretending not to be jealous at all, she started sharing gyaan on how to have 'The Man' wrapped around your little finger.

Mo: Always play hard to get. If you want to be valued by your man, you should let him chase you. That's how they are, they like the chase! See how my jaan tries to woe me. (Thrusts the ring in their faces and then takes deep breath so she watch the expression on their faces change again.)

Sto: I've been married for less than a year! Why can't my husband woe me like this?

Mo: (Thoroughly enjoying the attention) Infact, he called me right now and said I should get away from work so we can go somewhere fancy and have lunch together.

Sto: Even my husband used to be like this, until marriage that is. Mujhe bahar jaana itna acha lagta hai. Now we don't even go out even on holidays. All he ever does is laze around the house!

Mo: That's because you don't know how to deal with him yaar. See, all I did was call him up and say 'I feel so unloved, like a Virgin' and within seconds he proposed the idea of going for a romantic lunch.

Sto: (Looks at her in awe)

Mo: Pata hai When he came back from Cochin after a week, I didn't even hug him. I just asked how the trip was and went back to watching tv.

Sto: Sach mein?

Mo: See if you want to be treated the way I am you have to learn to make yourself unavailable. Why are you running behind him all the time? You have to make HIM do that!

Sto: (Keeps looking at her in awe)

Mo: The second you stop thinking about him, he'll start thinking about YOU! Pata hai it is the Universal Law of Nature. (She exhaled and flipped her hair, having convinces herself She that she has shared the most profound knowledge of all time)

Didn't I tell u eavesdropping is so much fun?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you remember that day?

Do you remember that rainy Monday afternoon.
It wasn't just another Monday afternoon was it?
It certainly didn't feel like that.
Not after what you told me the night before.

It was also the day I wore my new jeans with my Scottish pinafore.
I couldn't stop ranting about it.
It was so easy to talk to you about the most random things.
So easy infact, I don't think I gave you a chance to talk at all that day.
I knew you wanted to say something.
I wish I had let you say it.

Then we stepped out for a bit.
It was a break from the study session.
Never mind that the 'studies' bit was an just another excuse to see each other.
I had the irresistible urge to grab your hand and pull you into the rain.
I didn't know what I liked more...
The thought of feeling the rain on my skin or walking by your side in what seemed like the most magical rain of the season.

But you grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car instead.
You said something about not wanting me to wander alone in the rain.
And then you looked at me like you were about to say the same things you did the night before.
I know I wanted you to say them.
Though I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear them yet.
I don't know why we were always so unsure of ourselves.

I keep wondering till this day if things would have turned out differently, had I grabbed your hand and taken you away instead.
The 14 of Feb, is just around the corner, and I don't know if I should say this, but I'm going to miss you a little even if I deny it.