Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Santa :)

My friends and I have decided to play this game called Secret Santa this year.
Wondering what this Secret santa is all about?
Let me explain.

You make a chit for each person.
Then everybody picks a chit and automatically becomes a Secret Santa for that person.
And what does Santa do?
Well he picks a present for his little child and then waits until Christmas to give it to him/her.
Sounds exciting?
Well it is!!
I cannot wait to find out who my Secret Santa is !!
I absolutely cannot wait to receive my gift!!
I absolutely, absolutely cannot wait for the 24th!!

Anyway, I've decided to make life easier for Secret Santa and make a list of all the things I want :)
Mind you, Santa this is one LONG list!

  1. Well I am having a verrrryyyy Boho phase right now and I'm fascinated by ALL  things Indian and Tribal. So Harem pants, Patialas, Paisley printed pants, Parallels, Chunky jewellery, Jhumkaas, Kadas, Jholas, Kurtas, Belly Chains, Indian chappals, Bindis and anything else you can think of :)
  2. Cat-eye Sunglasses (Azaad Bazaar!)
  3. Gangis! All the possible colours!
  4. Net stockings! Oraaaannnggggeeeeeeeeee!
  5. Net socks. Reeeeeeedddddddd! :D
  6. Darrrkkkkk Chocolate! Bars and bars of them!
  7. Black/Grey cardigan.
  8. Indian-ish Diary.
  9. Ballerinaaaaaaaaaaas! :D
  10. Red or Grey leggings.
  11. A long tee to wear with the leggings.
  12. Body Mist.
  13. Peacock Blue/ Purple eye pencil.
  14. Any book that you think I might like. I'm really not fussy.
  15. Anything Pink/Purple/Glittery or absolutely colourful :)

So that's about it Santa. For now.
Do come in tomorrow for the Second List :P

Statutory Warning : Buy me a shady gift and die!


Weirdo guy said...

Dammit... once again all i understood in the list were the colours.

I feel so out of touch

boo hoo -_-

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

We are also playing this game and its been a lot of fun!

sulagna said...

babe..i envy you delhi people ya..kitna options ahi shopping ke..yaha pune emin all i have is those expensive malls with the same crap...

me got these purple n orange jootis..going nuts over them :) loud and glittery they are..heee me happy

Disguise said...

Wow, the secret santa game! :D
And I hope you get every item on your list, hahaha!

*Shreya* said...

we play it too and its FUN ^_^ only we guys keep sending out gifts for like 15 days before christmas??? omg its one heck of a party to get gifts!!!!!! but my santa's always turn out to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SAD, i get stuff i'v seen around in the market and know the prices of? :/ okay chuck!!

Luck!! like really!!!

N J said...

heh neat stuff... liked the "Statutory Warning" :)

Jack said...


Visiting after a long gap as my PC was down. Read all pending posts. 2009 - teaching is the noblest thing and have faith but never blind faith. COWS and Blitzkrieg was good read. One should always learn from past and live in present for better future. Nice one on boy. So it was you in bright red slacks with dark green top running to classes that day, well nice to get organised for dressing now. LOL. Best of luck for marketing of your creations. Wish you all the best with X-mas list.

Take care

Lavender said...

Thankyou jack !
It's been such a long time since I hav heard from you :)

uglyduckling91 said...

What's a body mist? :$

Lavender said...

well it's like a perfume :D

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Pesto Sauce said...

Phew...that is some list, no wonder malls are thriving in India

Baffling said...

Did I hear Friends' theme playing in the backgound there?? :)
What'd you get?

frangipani said...

This game's a lil too popular. Neways, who's ur secret santa??
Ur unbelievable! aren't u ashamed of putting up a 2nd list of probably 15 or more items???
Self-ish & Self- obssessed Santa u r.