Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So I'm back :)

Bumpy bus rides.
Quarreling for the window seat.
Eventful train journeys.
Gossip sessions in the room.
Endless discussions at dinner time.
Visits to the most palatial buildings in the country.
Food that tasted like it was heaven sent.
Sand dunes that looked like they been taken right out of a movie.
Going gaga over the oxidized jewelery in the market.
Cursing camels that make you feel like you're going to fall off and tumble into the sand.
Actually tumbling into the sand.
Hotel rooms that made me feel like a princess.
Walks around the hotel in the cold, breezy night.
Making new friends.
Bonding with the old.
Eavesdropping on conversations.
Dressing up in colourful garments.
Clicking a million pictures.
Taking back a million memories.

I still don't know when the IV started and when it ended.
It pretty much seemed like an extra long day.
The kind that leaves you feeling happy for days after that.
Though I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my trip, let me tell you what I like the most.
I liked how absolutely colourful Rajasthan is.
Shopping was such an adventure.
Whenever I go to a new place, I want to explore the local market and pick up some really interesting things to take back with me.
So I bought this really awesome pair of bandhini printed Dhoti Pants, a Dupatta and a spagetti top.
As for jewellery I went  a little crazy.
I got one of those kadas you wear on your arm, thick anklets and thick bangles.
I got a nice pair of mojris and a jhola I am absolutely obsessed with right now.
I'll put up the pictures shortly.

Well apart from that, I really like dhow I talked to a lot of people.
I used be like that in Junior College.
Always out there and socialising.
Don't know what happened to me after I left that place.
Well it feels really good to know a lot of people again. :)


Jack said...


IV beautifully narrated. Waiting for the pictures.

Take care

Rishi said...

nice... hope the days never leave you... the nights come again n again forever to you..