Friday, May 28, 2010

My Nomadic Love

Ever heard a piece of music that took you to another place. Another time.
Ever looked into the eyes of a stranger who seemed more familiar than all the people you have ever known?
Ever had a eerie dream that seemed more real than most dreams have?
Ever wondered why we don't leave our past where it belongs?
Doesn't it fascinate you how it finds it's way into our lives through the conscious, the subconcious and every other medium it can find?

Ever asked yourself who you really are?
Where do you really belong?

I have.
I don't belong here.
I don't belong anywhere.
And yet I belong in every place the sun rises and the stars shine.

I want to grab a bag, pack it with the things I love the most and fly off to another land, with a stranger who harbours the same dreams as I do.
I want to be gypsy.
A nomadic gypsy.
For it is who I have been in another life.
Who I wish to be in this life.

I'll dance and sing along the way, and weave beautiful lines about my journey.
I'll meditate by the shore during the day, and talk to the angels and fairies at night.
May be I'll cast my own Wiccan circle.
I'll look at my coffee cup in the morning and have all the answers I seek.

I'll surround myself with myriad colours until a strange sort of peace descends upon me.
I'll learn about herbs, about plants and the fine art of healing the soul.
I'll train under a master, until I know all the secrets of the Universe.
May be I'll belly dance until my soles hurt and my heart starts to dance to a brand new rhythm.

Grab my hand.
I'll grab yours too.
I don't know if you're my soulmate.
Or just another stranger to me.
But this journey is way too beautiful for me to live it alone.
While I can't say that I belong to you, I promise to journey with you.
Till the very end.


Ms.R. said...

You sure did take me to another place and time all the while I read your post. Rocked.

The Bald Guy said...

Whoa! Impressive!

Somak said...

Never lose track of your dreams, they are more real to us than anything else.

Jack said...

K -ay,

Hope and pray that you do get what you wish for in your life. Aspirations of a young mind beautifully narrated.

Take care

Bebo said...

Your post took me to another land...
Kudoss... :)

uglyduckling91 said...


K-ay said...

Thanks all of you :)

Anonymous said...

Well written, K-ay. :)

Anonymous said...

the last stanze is too gud...really luvd it..

Thousif Raza said...

that is some fabulous writing K-ay.... haven't been a while, xams they.... but cut them off mid way and reading your blog.... awesome words yaar.... really cool...

take care and keep writing :)

Illusory said...

A very my kind of writing. Loved it. :)