Friday, May 21, 2010

*pokes Summer 2010 where it hurts the most*

Dear Summer 2010,

At first I couldn't wait for you to get here.
College drama was overwhelming.
I was in dire need of a sabbatical.
To cut myself from the all the people who meant nothing at all to me, but affected me anyway.
I wanted to drown myself in work so much so that the World I left behind was a distant memory.

Right now, I'm thinking about how I can't wait to get back to the normalcy of life.
May be that will be my sabbatical from this sabbatical gone wrong.
I need to wake up late.
Take an hour to get ready.
Shower 54 different colours on me.
Go sit on the second last bench against the wall.
Daydream with my eyes wide open.
Laugh like an ass at nothing at all.
Grumble about stale KC food.
Have showdowns over the lamest projects.
Bitch endless with A-a-sha.
Go shopping five times a week.
Make Firangi Paani plans that never materialise.

And did I mention I need another sabbatical to cleanse my muddled up head of the boy drama thats happening.
Girl meets boy.
Boy disappears.
Girl meets boy.
Then he disappears.
Girl meets boys.
And then he dissapears AGAIN.
Girl meets boy.
She should knife poke him all over until he bleeds, scoop his eyes out, step on his hairy humungous feet and then pull all his hair out of his scalp.
But all she does is think about is how she wants to meet him again, lest he disappears.
I must stop living on a staple diet of movies like Love Aaj Kal and A Lot like Love.

Until sample sales continue to make happy!

K-ay <3


Nads said...

ROFL.....Girl meets boy...boy disappears...!! This is like my life story...maybe he's planning to turn gay! Why do all good looking guys do that??? :(

Anyway hope you have a great summer...!!!!

btw I happen to stumble upon quite

K-ay said...

haha! Sweety he isn't even good looking :P

Shady said...

I hope it's the same boy you talk about three times. :|
@Nads no probably he's meeting too many girls... =P

K-ay said...

@Shady: Unfortunately the answer to your question is yes :P

uglyduckling91 said...

Boy meets boy.
Boy disappears.

Parinita said...

I'm :( that your summer wasn't awesome. I hope your rest-of-the-summer is better. And don't obsess over girly butts ok? There are way too many of those around. Ek nahi toh doosra we'll find.

Shreya said...

i hate you for poking the summer in the... wherever it hurts the most or whatever :X

NO. summer was awesomeness! One whack you will get now!

I'm dreading college. :s

Oooooooooooh the last bit, sheesh these boys will always disappear. and hence i say, one mustn't hang on to the same tree branch for too long :D

K-ay said...

@Uglyducking: Awww! *offers a big hug* :)

@Para: Girly butt you will find for me! haw! *sends all her love*

@Shreya: I wont :D

Sonshu said...

SUMMMERRR 2010 was the best for me! :P

Full of masti and dance, with COLLEGE awaiting me for the first time!: P Now, since summer has almost come to an end! :P LOL.

Boys disappear! HAPPENS always! :P

Mr Happy said...

boy never disappears, they play merry go round ;)