Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Summer and I, we have made our peace.

I kicked.
I punched.
I grumbled, wailed, threw a fit and then poked the Summer where it hurts the most.

However, now that we have made our peace, I'm collecting all the destructive forces, brewing inside of me, for the day I go meet my boss.
Work until graduation apparently.
Which means she wants me to work another year.
And I will do what any other self-respecting woman in my place would.
Refuse to work in a place where I am not valued enough to be bloody paid for conveyance.
Let's see if you find a cooler intern, niggah!
Because from what I can see, you're going down!

There is also a lot of constructive energy bubbling inside.
What's better than to dedicate this energy to learning all the creepy stuff that I love so much.
I'm learning a new pack of Tarot cards.
The Osho Zen pack and it is making me very, very happy.

Generally, I give readings over the phone, but yesterday a friend of mine, stuck in the middle of some serious relationship crisis came over for a reading.
I cannot tell you how I got totally carried away, went into this fortune teller mode, lectured her unto eternity about the state of her life and where she ought to take it from there.
It was very satisfying, you know.
Blabbering away as if I really had all the gyaan in the world.

And then I took some very important decisions.
Whilst, digging my closet for an old shrug, I fumbled upon this very pretty black and golden scarf I was gifted a long time ago.
It's got ancient egyptian symbols on it and a very pretty looking sun right in the centre.
If all else fails, I'm going to put that scarf around me, find myself a pair creepy looking cat-eye glasses and a hundred bangles and beads in every colour, until I look like one of those gypsy fortune tellers from a Hollywood movie.
Then I will buy an old wooden stool, find a lonely corner on the beautiful streets of Bombay, set up a stall called K-ay's Corner and become the pioneer of tarot readings on the street.
Only for those who are willing to pay me but.

So money problems will be solved.
Creepy urges will be satisfied.
The Summer and I, will be best friends again!
Happy ending :D

P.S. I'd be more than happy to give readings to all my faithful blog readers :D
If you're too broke to pay me by cash or cheque, you can sed me bars of Bournville in every flavour!


oRange* said...

Ooh! Osho Zen Cards, I've tried them too! Good fun going into the whole I-have-psychic-powers phase :P

Bournville bars ..haha! Right!

K-ay said...

Eh it's not a phase! :P
And you haveeee?
I want to know all about it!

sulagna ™ said...

Kay :) thanks feels so nice to have friends like you :)

*hugs back*

and yes i need those prayers

Divaa Divine said...

wow - you can give readingS???

it really is a special thing then :)

Jack said...

K - ay,

Have you finally told your boss to pay for your conveyance at least? When are you planning to set up K-ay's Corner? I would like to be the first customer with box full of Bournville in your favourite flavour.

Take care

Weirdo guy said...

"Blabbering away as if I really had all the gyaan in the world"

my dear lavy you DO have a lot of gyaan in you !

P.S when do i get MY free reading... am wait-inggg !

P.S.S you go girl ! (w.r.t not willing to work unpaid and standing up for yourself... wOOt !)

Somak said...

I want a reading. Or at least a lesson so I can do my own readings.
I'm broke btw, but I'll promote your fortune telling stall in return. Hows that sound?

K-ay said...

@Divaa : Thankyou :)

@Jack: Hehe! Thank you Jack :)

@Weirdo: I do no? Lol! And you know you can ask me for one anythime :)

K-ay said...

@Somak: it sounds like a plan :)

The Bald Guy said...

Love the new look! You deserve Bournvilles anyways!

K-ay said...

Thank you baldy! *Gracious bow*

Mr Happy said...

oh i can give lots of bournvilles but plz can u do reading for me ?:P

Shreya said...

Listeeeeeeeeeeeeen! I hate yous. you havent given ME a reading yet. I mean MEEEEEE! How could you :x

Since I hate you so much as of now, I will bloody send the shiv sena over to your counter :x for setting up illegal stalls :x GO :x

Reading plis plis plis fast :(