Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer 2010

I think it's going to be a good Summer.
Random, inspirational, adventerous and very creative.

I started working full time at the office.
With college, I could only manage to come in after lunch.
I like the sort of discipline it brought with it.
Waking up early, sleeping before 12 am, eating on time and all that.
I wasn't sure what I was doing writing about celebs I hardly care about, but I enjoyed every bit of it.
I felt like I was living someone else's life.
One of those starstruck journalists who actually care if Ranbir and Katrina are going out or what Akshay Kumar is doing on his birthday.
Everytime I wrote a story, I thoroughly enjoyed spicing it up and sensationalising it, while laughing in my head at all those dimwits who actually wake up every morning to enthusiastically read what I have written.
I know this is not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, so I'm going to make the most of it while it lasts.

There is just one miniscule problem.
I have too many things sitting on the top of my priority list.
And giving so much to a company that refuses to pay seems like such a let down.
So I tell her that this isn't working out for me and I'm going to work from home instead.
Which basically means I get to write for them, attend important events and  still find the time to do all the other stuff I've always wanted to.

Works for me!
I can finally hunt down those photographers who promised they'd let me be their stylist.
I plan to stand outside their doors singing until they get tired of terrible voice, agree to employ me AND pay me.
I've also become a bag-wali off late.
No I don't stand at the station and sell bags.
A store in bandra does it for me.
Now I want to get back to it and get the second lot made.
More belly dancing will happen.
Lucky women will get to learn to groove like me.

I'm also feeling very DIY.
I've moved into my new house and I want my new room to be *beautiful*.
So beautiful that magazines will want to feature it!
Okay. I'm pushing it now.
But I'm thinking of getting a wooden chair that I'll paint myself.
I want to get wall paintings, collages, photographs done.
I want the wall to look insane!
And I'm thinking of making some wall hangings as well.
Crazy suggestions are always welcome :)
Also if you're looking to employ someone AND pay them, you *must* leave a comment asap!


tin girl said...

Wait, WHAT? You sell your stuff to shops in bandra?? Whooooa. WHICHONE? Iwannadothatsobad! =X
Plus, a new house. Wooowiie. Have fun decoratin! xD

Anonymous said...

Have fun decorating your new home. :)

Loved checking your blog. Even if pink isn't my color. Also, working at home is way better, in my opinion. Plan on frequenting your blog a lot more now.

Pavitra .... said...

you have a store in Bandra..?? Where...temme temme...!!! I desperately am in need of a bag right now...
And...good luck with the decorating...I bet you'll do a splendid job....I'm waiting to get a chance to do up my house one day :)

Nads said...

btw I forgot to mention I am won of those dimwits who wake up to read TOI and it's supplements for Ranbir news. :P

Rishi said...

with so much on ur desk...

all i can say it..

all da beshtest

uglyduckling91 said...

Change your job. lawl. And hang someone. Ahahahaha.

Somak said...

Your life SO interesting. I wish mine was too *sniffle*