Friday, May 21, 2010

Finding The Mystical Mermaid

'It's called Maya', she whispered.
I had known it all along.
I just chose not to believe it.

Ever held onto to something unreal, only because it made you happy?
I did.
But in that moment I let it rain.
I wanted to banish the misty clouds that blurred my vision, only to be able to think.
Think clearly once again.

There were no tears.
There wasn't a smile either.
I felt like the stoaic I never was.

I packed everything and I left.
What I seeked the most I could not find here.
I ran until I reached my haven in the middle of the ocean.
The waves raged on.
The bridge was flooded.
But the noise inside my head was louder than the noise around.
And I knew I had to make it there for my mind to find it's peace again.

I sat there.
Legs crossed, hand by my side, breathing deeply.
The noise started to fade until there was comlete silence.
I was finally at peace with myself.
The Zen mode she talked about had been achieved.

When I spoke to her for the first time, I was 16 and still trying to find my Faith.
But today as I meditated in peace, every word she told me finally made perfect sense.
'Spirituality can exist without Religion,
But Religion cannot exist without Spirituality.'


nil said...

Just blog hopping... quite an amazing blog you got out there.. really nice post!
hope we keep in touch, good luck!
happy blogging :)

Jack said...

K - ay,

Read all pending posts. Could you buy all you wanted? The shoes looked good, did you get those? What you write people read, as you seem to weave words with magic, like this post. Good one and I fully agree with the ending about relationship between religion and sprituality.

Take care

Shreya said...

woOt? :/

Parinita said...

Ok I'm sorry but Shreya's comment made me giggle like a crazy woman and I don't even know why!

K-ay said...

@Nil: Thank You hun. I'll stop by yours soon :)

@Jack: You're way too kind! Thank you :)

s said...

Nice poem... lovely... :)