Thursday, May 6, 2010

The adventures of my day!

It's been an adventurous day cupcakes!
Action packed would be more appropriate.
I make the guards chase me at work today.
I'm too cool to carry my ID card around.
So I walk in like I own the place and pretend like my ears have lost the ability to hear when they call out to me.
And when they do that right after I have made eye-contact with them, I give them my very famous 'nari morcha aandolan' looks.
It makes the coolest of men pee in their pants.
And today there were three of them.
Four if you count the fat on number #3 's body.
That's how many men it takes to scare this girl.

So they stood seena-taanke, by the gate, waiting to attack me.
'ID dikhao', one of them said.
I didn't bat an eyelash.
I kept walking straight.
Then two people at the reception asked me for my ID.
I blatantly ignored them and kept walking as fast as me feet would take me.
Then the two watchmen standing near the lift suddenly realise what is going on and start walking towards me.
I look left, I look right.
One of the five lifts open.
From the corner of my eyes I see all the watchmen running towards me so I make a dash for the lift that opens, laughing wildly as the lift door shuts on their bloody faces.

So I reach the fifth floor feeling very proud of myself.
You'd think the oldies would let this little kid live in peace, buthe makes it a point to call up the fifth floor watchman instead.
Then my life all of a sudden seemed very movie-ish.
The watchmen whispered on the phone, while surreptitiously looking at me.
I tried to pull the door open, but it wouldn't budge!
So much for escaping the law.

But am I the sort of woman who would resign to the likes of unhealthy, oversized men?
Men in general, actually.
No! no!
That is not what I have been brought into this world to do.
I patiently waited for a moment.
'Tumhara naam kya hai', he asked me.
'Ravneet', I replied. And no that isn't my name.
I was just trying to bluff him.
He didn't look convinced.
I didn't know what else to do.

But even Destiny was in favour of the strong woman who stood up for herself.
The door all the way across opened.
One of the employees was stepping out.
I ran. Ran with all my might, all the way till I reached my desk.
Only then did I breath a sigh of relief.
And this my friends, were the adventures of my day!


Weirdo guy said...

There's my 'strong,successful independent' lavy... atta girl !!

*pats on head*

K-ay said...

Weirdoooo! This blog has missed you very much :(
So glad to see you back =D

Shreya said...

Listen, one day when you'r amidst this 'I am a superwoman' action scene and they catch you and hold you by the collar and exhibit you in the office like a dead chicken, I am by no chance going to recognize you okay :s

K-aaaaaaaaaaaaay! next time se we dont want such lazy illegal superwomangiri okay :( Id card in the wallet. right NOW. Listening?

PS: i wanted to catch the action LIVE :P

K-ay said...

superwomangiri?! Hahaha
I'm adopting this word and making i my bay!

P.S. One of these days, if you're especially lucky, you might get to see an action replay :P

Jack said...

K - AY,

I feel so sad that I did not see this in person. However I can well visualise it. Be careful as someone may be luckier.

Take care

Lincoln said...

gr8 going gurl....

It was reverse in my case, I had to daily escape sharp shooter eyes of my office female -watchman ( watch woman :P )for the whole month..

REason my ID card was old and except me all 500 associates were aleady having new ID card .

Rishi said...

should have said ur name is "osama" and watch the expression on their face....

would have been priceless

plus another adventure trip to the police station for u.. ;)

Parinita said...

I lau lau the new blog name. Technicoloured Dreams sounds so poetic. But anything would seem awesome if I compare it to Cinnamon Sunshine :P

K-ay said...

haha pari you're a meanie poo!