Monday, June 14, 2010

And for the sake of my fans, I am back! I am back.

My cinnamon laced almond muffins,

Missed me much?
Well, if you refuse to say yes, I refuse to entertain you henceforth.
If you must know, k-ay has been rather busy.
Just when the summer was about to end, the two of us fell in love.

I made so many bags, that bachas have started calling me bag-wali aunty.
Ok not really.
But they will ok?

Then I put these very awesome salwar pants up on the blog.
I'm telling you justice exists in this world.
Some very sexy people placed an order also.
May their lives be full of happiness and awesome, awesome friends like me.

So basically Purple Peeptoes has been taking over my life.
That is why I see you less and less.

Other than that, college started.
Now I feel all awesome and Journo.
I put my nose up in the air and look down at everybody.
They're all juniors.
Chota bachas!
TYs like us can act cool and own the place.
Well, you only get a year to act like that so might as well take full advantage no?

Plus, it's so much cooler to look down at people when you're wearing oversized glasses, no?
The geeks are back nigga.
And this time, they're going to take over the world!

Also, this journo thing makes me want to tell all my saxy saxy clothes to go on a mini vacation, while I don some very awesome kurtas and jholas.
That way I can parade around with my bags and do free publicity also.
Such a business woman I am!
At this rate don't be surprised if you see me running around the local train compartment screaming 'deee-jay-ner jhola. Paaanch so rupaiya'.
What a saxy bagwali I will make no?

On that note I shall leave.
But before that, kindly visit I'm too Sexy for my Shirt !

Shameless blog publicist I bees.
In my defense, it consists of my khoon paseena.

Until Rajat Kapoor make my heart beat <3


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this blog. Really appreciate your work, child.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we missed you. Much. And you're not shameless. You're just a cute girl.


Shreya said...

HAW! our blog bees sita gita ka online version now ^-^

You weeel be one saxy bagwali aunty in the train and i will tag along. like those kids who tag behind their mothers? :D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand lady will be hated until she meets her Gita (or am i Sita? :/)

So much love, free mein !

Thousif Raza said...

its great to see you back... loved the sexyness in the blog.... you are supercharged and i like it :)

good luckwith the business and everything K-ay..... :)

take care and keep writing...........

Nads said...

ah...yes...I believe Ensa has placed an order as well! All credits to me!!! :P

Rishi said...

more post... more post... NOW!!

Sonshu said...

Misseeed reading you! :)
OMG. the bag ish shooo pwettty!
Bag wali aunty? HAHA. :P :P

Jack said...

K -ay,

Nice to see you back. Good update with a lot of humour and marketing tactics. Your BAGs will sell like hot cakes if you continue doing publicity like this. Have all the fun but do not trouble juniors too much.

Take care

Jack said...
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uglyduckling91 said...

I keep losing this blog. >< I'm a wannabe geek, but my glasses aren't huge. They're huge rectangular ones. :D

Haddock said...

Thats a cute little small water tanker.

Mr Happy said...

bag wali hot gurl :P