Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I remembered to forget the end.

The words unwritten
The words unsaid
The incomplete conversations
They come back in my head

And I find myself yearning
For the familiarity of that smoky smell
Craving for the touch
That can take me to heaven and to hell

And then the treacherous lies
Comes back to me
I see the end of the road
Through a hazy smokescreen

I fumble to collect the pieces
As they fall apart in front of me
May be I can’t remember the end
Because it wasn’t meant to be


Pavitra .... said...

Wow....Brilliant poem..!! Keep writing such great stuff..!! Loved it..!! You're right...maybe the end isn't meant to be...coz once you see it....you wish you hadn't....

tin girl said...

Haayyy, you write poetry! Thees good. =]The last line's GOOD.
Its always such a pain in the ass to rhyme, so i go for free verse, lol.
And, do i see my idea somewhere in there? the heaven and hell thing? Or hey maybe thats just me flattering myself. =P
Lovve the word Smokescreen for some reason.
Smokescreen. Smokescreen. o.0
Toldja i'm weird.

Chocolatelover said...

Beautiful poem!! :)
You've expressed it really well. :D

Jack said...

K - AY,

Read 2 posts now. Had a good laugh at the previous one. Your sense of humour is really good as you can laugh at yourself. Emotional poem with so much conveyed without saying much. A broken relationship always makes one very sad.

Take care

sulagna ™ said...

heyii baby :) are you all right...pls come back to your sunshine...come back to the smell of cinnamon..pls,sendin you a huge hug from here..muaahh

K-ay said...

@Pavitra: I am honoured :D

@Chocolate lover : Thank you :)

@Jack: =)

@Sulagna: I assure you I am as sunshiney as it gets! I just felt like writing something melancholy! :)

K-ay said...

@Tin: Es Es! It was copied er inspired by you :)
So thank you for that honey :)
And yeaaaaaaa smokescreen is awesome no? =)
Three cheers to our weirdness!

Shreya said...


but you know this serious itam and the itam i know ka image just doesnt come together :P

wow, in any case :O

"just a pen in my hand" said...

great poem....portrayed te emotions nicely....keep writing !

K-ay said...

@Shre: your wow is making me go all red in the cheeks :)

@Just a pen in my hand: Thank you!