Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stills in High Heels

Ooooooommmmmgggggggggg today was awesome!
So what if I have made it home with smelly clothes, a mind that is too tired to function, eyes that for once are overwhelmed with the display of colours, legs that are silently abusing me for the torture they have been subjected to and a stomach that has survived up till now on just ONE paratha? *faints*

Today I got a glimpse of how I want the rest of my life to be.

Well, you do know that Blitzkrieg is coming up and I haven't exactly been giving up my goodnight sleep over it or putting everything else on hold just so I can be a part of the process. Of course, there is my Magazine Committee, but we're a really lazy lot.

Now that the photography event has come along, I suddenly find myself more enthused about Blitz than I ever was!

7 models, 7 photographers, an in-studio shoot, a ramp show, haute couture, a make up artist, a hair stylist and a look designer.
Do you want to guess what role I am going to play in this little reality show of our own?
Well no points for guessing right answer.

So let me tell you how we went about it. The first thing we did was making them sit and giving them a big talk. Shivam used fancy words like haute couture, and quotes which nobody understood, while dropping in names of famous photographers every now and then to make the audience go wow. then we took them to the boutique so they could pick their outfits. One for the photoshoot and one for the ramp.

So what I had to do was, have a little talk with each of the models ask them the sort of look they wanted, explain the look I thought would suit them, and then watch the Bridezillas in the making completely ransack the boutique to an extent that it resembled a godown filled with way too many people for it's own good.

But it was so much fun I tell you! Just looking at the stuff there was therapeutic. I loved the whole process of putting their outfit together, picking out their accessories, and advising them on the sort of shoes they should wear. I love how they'd look at me all wide-eyed and mouth open, like I was giving them the most life-changing advice. I loved how there were piles of clothes EVERYWHERE. I loved how the clueless guys picked up the most atrocious outfits and hated me for telling them so. I loved how we took six whole hours to pick just two outfits for each model. But nothing, absolutely nothing beats the happy faces of the models when they left the boutique feeling absolutely special.

So I'm going to say this one more time.
Today was the sax.
Tomorrow is going to be even better!


*Shreya* said...

the very fact that you blogged about it inspite of the exhaustion shows us that you must have totally looooooooved it =)

Those mod's can just lose their eye-sight and still trust you to make them look all gorgeous!!!
anyways mod's are supposed to be brain-dead people :P lol

Rishi said...


RepublicOfChic said...

This is a I-wish-i-were-you moment! :)