Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Secret.

I have heard so much about this book, but I could never get myself to buy a copy. It talks about the Law of Attraction, a secret I learned when I was 16. I used to use it a lot then. I managed to make a lot of things happen. But I also miserably failed while attempting the others. I lost Faith. And somewhere along the line, The law of Attraction was forgotten.

The other day I left home without a book. It was going to be a long day and I didn't think I'd survive without one. Just then I literally walked into a Book Stall on the street. Just when I gave up looking, The Secret caught my eye. I started to recollect the random conversations I have had regarding this book, with a lot people. Although I am familiar with the Law, I found myself curious, hopeful and in dire need to make some serious amends. I picked up a copy of the most life changing book I have read so far.

Well, I have been a changed person in the recent past. More accepting of myself, more in control of my emotions and happier than ever before. Yet, there were times I felt I needed to change some areas of my life, but I didn't have the power to make those amends. Do you see how the Universe works? The answer literally found me.

I am sure you are already familiar with the wishful thinking bit, so I thought I'd share the biggest stumbling block to happiness. For one we are as likely to attract the negative emotions, as we are to attract positive. So while I managed to attract the good things, I also attracted a lot of pain and distress, simply because I believed that pain and distress were the consequences of a particular action. I wallowed in pity, because I believed it would hurt. I had terrible experiences, because I believed the negativity would affect. There were times when I felt I wasn't adequate enough. But the you know what? I was. And if I had believed so myself, others would have too.

There were also things I things that I really wished would happen, or messed up things, I wished would work themselves out. But I was always so negative about it. I didn't believe it was in my hands and I blamed it on anything and everything I possibly could. Destiny, Karma, Past Life. You name it.

So I have firmly decided, that I'm not going to let anybody or anything, least of all my own delusional mind, decide the course of my Life. I'm going to buy myself a Golden Book and write down each and every chapter I want to see. Because it IS in my hands.


Weirdo guy said...

woah... sounds like you had a major epiphany there re! i have had some of that at certain breaking points in my life and its a different feeling altogether !

so no wise cracking from me ,for now, but rather a simple "atta girl" and a pat on the head.

cookies ? *offers cookie*

malpani.!! said...

damn it... this was my post next in line..!!
THE SECRET is seriously the most beautiful thing ever..cynics term it as crap.. but i like to believe in it.. atleast makes me think positive!!..
and book is still OK.. u gotta watch the movie..!!.. it has greater impact!..
and now that you are introduced to THE SECRET force your family and friends to watch it.. you will FEEL GOOD..!!.. take care.. :)

oRange* said...

seriously. if nothing else, that book surely gives you postive vibes and makes you feel good about your life. it's like a bible for me :D

watch the movie if you get the time. amazing.

Lavender said...

@ Weirdo Guy; Thankyou and yes I'd like the cookies? :D Chcolate chips please ;)

@ Orange: Yes I totally agree with you on the positive vibes bit.

@Malpani: yes I will force people to read and I will watch the movie soon :)

Rishi said...

If u've read the book... movie isn't anything new, just a quick revision of the book.

even i read it abt 2 yrs ago... it worked but the trick is wanting properly...

e.g I wanted to hold a powerful position in my cllg committee

I became technical adviser (although i could have become more)

so decide carefully...

Lavender said...

True. You do have to focus your energies on the right thing, lest u give out the wrong signals.

Pesto Sauce said...

I have that book though am yet to read it

You are right...I too am discovering that we make our own destiny

Lavender said...

Read it! It will help u enforce your belief :)

sulagna said...

babe i soo wanna agree on making your distiny..but trust me , trust me, some things are beyond..i have gone through the pain of accepting this truth but sadly it hits us someday when we are middle of the crowd shouting"i absolutely rule my world"