Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photography Project.

Hello Cookie Crumbles.
You know since I have started this Blog, the only thing I have been doing is giving and giving more, be it in terms of knowledge, advice, gyaan, entertainment, moral support. I have been an extremely selfless person and put my followers before myself everytime. How about you repay me for all my kindness by closing that Facebook window and giving me ideas for my photography project.
Let me explain. My topic is 'despair' and no I cannot take pictures of people who look sad, depressed and traumatised. Thank you for being so cretaive. The point is to think out of the box and come up with something more abstract. I have a list of ideas. Go through them and give me suggestions of your own. And please try not to be too technical. Technology and I are not exactly the best of friends, you know?

A goat being slaughtered.
A woman staring at an empty craddle.
A hungry cat.
A man behind bars.
A suicide letter.
Broken green bangles (signifying the woman's lost her husband).
Bare worn out feet with classy high heels in the background.
A coffin.
A man having his shorn off (showing someone in the family has expired).
Newspaper headlines.
A woman. A martiny glass. And a ring. (Not very original but I really empathise with that sort of despair)

That's all I have thought of as of now.
let me know what you guys can think of.
Bisous <3


*Shreya* said...

a guy missing the train

around noontime, you often find entire families (who otherwise beg around in CST) having lunch from whatever lil they get...on one of these platforms...

people standing outside a court (the sessions court on the way to CST!!) with their lawyers...

and if you'r willing to/and have the time to go round the town, there'r these artists who sit outside Jehangir art gallery! right there, there's this old fortune teller uncle who sits under a tree! i'v NEVER seen anyone consult i guess if you capture him without him knowing it, i think you should be able to get a picture that somewhat shows a despair of another sort...

trust me, go to the streets :)

i'll think of some more...

Lavender said...

Wow you have given me some really nice ideas. thanks man :)

I can't believe you mentioned, the guys who sketch outside Jehangir Art Gallery.
I took a picture of an old lady who does just that!
And the Fortune Teller I have been seeing for ages. Really wanted to go talk to him. :)
But yes I will take a picture of him looking expectantly at the passer bys.
Thankie Love :)

Esha Rihal said...

Sympathise, not empathise :)

Weirdo guy said...

how about children begging outside schools while the students walk past by chatting happily without a care in the world in their clean crispy uniforms and well fed ?

sometimes its children selling balloons as the students walk by... that happens a lot near my old school... if you want i can try to click a pic of that and send it to you

Rishi said...

u can show everything associated wid despair.. drug needles, meds, pain killers, broken heart (u know tha glass walas outside station), torn cloth.. etc etc

Sharanyaa said...

Or a child wearing oversize heels, carrying a giant handbag, following her mother who's just walking around...

And when you photograph the Martini, save the drink for me ;p

Disguise said...

How about a contrast or something?
A poor woman standing next to a mercedes? Or, you know something on those lines that shows contradiction?
:| I'm so confused myself.
Anyway, you woman need to email me. :)

sulagna said...

catch the children who coem to your car as you stop at the traffic signal..beleive me they have some of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen


a small rag-picker searching in the garbage .
a woman sewing her tattered old slippers
a guy drunk in the streets
a child sulking/crying while parents fight in the background
a family of 4-5 sharing the same plate of food
A baloon selling child staring at a happy family passing by
dood....visit the footpath/railway station at night ...u'll see it all


the guys selling stuff on the road signals ( no1 buys anything )
a beggar-child staring at mac'donalds ( forgive the spelling )
visit missionaries of charity dood
a class going on...and a child sweeping floor outside the class
a guy slumped on a glass table with his girl-friend's photo next to him
an old man trying to read through his thick glasses

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

how about a shoe with a broken heel? like the glass heel? it could lie next to the shoe :P
good luck :)

Vagabond said...

a woman in the car looking at another on a bicycle/auto with her bf/husband

Illusory said...

Well.. from my very-short-duration-of-experience in photography, i think you should go out with an open mind, not having any pre-formed expectations. You just go out, and watch. Watch closely, and almost everything will seem colourful.
Just my piece of words.. :)

Check out my photostream btw ;)