Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bubble of Happiness

When something really awesome happens, something else not so happens to break the Bubble of Happiness and give you a reality check basically. I have the liberty to come up with my own article ideas at work and upload them on the website. For an intern to be allowed to do that on her first day at work...very, very wow, no?

And just when I thought it's going to be all happy and smooth sailing with me endlessly ranting about celebs and gossip and fashion and everything that is of no importance to everyone, the happiness bubble is burst.

Apparently, my job doesn't end there. I have to learn to upload it on the site as well. Now you're smirking and telling yourself 'That's not such a big deal. We upload blog posts everyday'. Except, it isn't that simple. There's some software to be learned. And it's very complicated. You think they'd make a technically challenged girl who can't even use Microsoft Word properly do all of this?! The big bad world I tell you!

But then theory #2 (which I made up this very instant) says that right after the spoiler, there's an awesome un-spoiler. So I'm sitting slumped looking at my computer screen wondering, omg how am I ever going to learn this, I spot his itam (read:eye candy) in the periphery of my vision. Slowly and steadily the corner of my lips curl. Eye candy in the office. Woohoo!

Two minutes later Itam walks towards our side of the office. Four minutes later boss introduces us and magic happens. Through his black rimmed glasses and my grey rimmed glasses, our eyes meet and then everything stops for a moment, music plays in the background, and my stole flies a little before he smiles and suddenly says hi.

Then happiness bubble which was soaring way, way beyond the ceiling of the office goes pop. Apparently, he didn't belong to this office. Didn't belong to any office, I think. He had come there with some shady looking film-maker friend of his to show us a film they had made.

First, I see the glasses. Second, I see this very, very saxy (not sexy, sAxy) beard. Third, I see nice grey shirt, then I come to know he's filamwala. What can I say, I was very, very impressed. So impressed that I was on the verge of grinning to myself like an idiot. Happiness bubble started to soar again. Make hay while the sun shines, right? :D

And then we watched the movie. We, as in not the two of us, the entire office and then more brownie points were mentally given to Itam. After that everyone sat and discussed the movie. Well I didn't have much to say except for may be 'wow' so I just shut up and listened. Not too much conversation happened. But it so happens that Itam will be coming soon again. And that is the happy ending to my story.

P.S. Happiness bubble is still soaring :D

P.P.S. Of course a lot of description is HIGHLY exaggerated.

P.P.P.S. Itam if you accidentally landed up on my blog and read this, don't hold it against me. Just don't!


Himani Sanghvi said...

the header pic is HOTNESS!
and hell your Itam comes so close to our "dream marry me RIGHT NOW guy" :P

sulagna said...

ohh ohh ohhh i wish itam reads this..plz god pls..let itam read this.

i will be there cheering for you when you would be on cloud 9 after he commenst on this

PS: pls god make him read this blog
PPS: pls god make him comment on this too

Ramit said...

Good luck for the job and the software and the "Itam" too.



Bullshee said...

Should I be reading ITAM as ITEM? As in ITEM number?

If the answer is too freaking obvious, don't bother to answer!

Here's to hoping karma doesn't bite back (too hard!)

oRange* said...

who cares if that was exaggerated, i loved it!
'through his black rimmed glasses and my grey rimmed glasses ...' - hahaha!

itams i tell u. how the hell do u concentrate :P

*Shreya* said...

hahahhahahahahahaahhahaha eye candies are such motivation i tell you =D

Itam =D

b.t.w, technologically retarded? ask me about it *smiles patiently

Lavender said...

@Himani: ThanKu hotness! If I tell you who he was you will dieeeee :P

@Sulagna: haha such a cutie you are :)
If he does read this I'll make you are the first one to know :)

@Ramit: Uncle!

Lavender said...

@Orange : I'm so glad you like dthat line :D It's my favouriteeeee

@Bullshee : Ai-Tum. get eeeet? lol

@Shreya: tell me about it!

Ramit said...

Lavender Putar ji, You to started?


Anonymous said...

Haha. The way you describe the way your eyes met and all...reminded me of the Main Hoon Na scene between SRK & Sushmita :o

Congratulations! There has to be ONE eye candy at every workplace for everyone! I had 2 hotties at both places I worked :P You found your's pretty soon. ;)