Monday, January 4, 2010

Fashion Suicidal (Part One)

Cream and Grey. You know when I look at colours like these, I am thinking why do they even call them colours?! They look like pieces of cloth that have been either worn more than a zillion times or passed on from generation to generation until they lost every bit of colour. And to think that some fashionably advanced people would pair the two of them together! The ultimate fashion disaster I tell you!

Pink and Pink. Trying to play Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde. Sorry honey, you’re really not cute enough to pull it off. Your life is not a movie either. And the chances of it ever being a movie are close to nil. So may be if you’re thinking pretending to be glamourous might help and I‘m so sorry dear, even that is never going to happen.

Floaters and Socks. If you're feeling cold, please wear a pair of sneakers okay? Floaters are not the new sneakers. And if you think your feet are that ugly, then just get a friggin pedicure done!

Floaters and Anklets. You know it's bad enough that you're wearing floaters and well let's face it, they're terribly ugly. And then you think you're being oh-so-glamorous by wearing anklets with them. To think that you'd insult something as pretty as an anklet my teaming it up with a Floater! There is no respect for pretty little things in this World!

Printed pants and printed tees. Have you seen those god-awful jeans with stuff written all over them and like a million gazillion pockets? I can't stand the sight of them. But you know what is worse than wearing them, wearing them with a shirt that is filled with those hideous patterns. It's amazing how they manage to ruin a perfectly nice plain shirt with all that 'creativity'.

Low Waisted Jeans. Low waisted jeans aren't the problem. The butt crack I am forced to see however is.
• Sweat pants with stuff written across the rear-end. You know I see these sweat pants with Delicious and Bootylicious written on them. But the stuff inside hardly ever fits the description.

• Leggings and short tops. Leggings are called leggings because they’re supposed to show the shape of your legs off. Do we want to see anything above that? I think not. Especially because most of the time it is pretty much shapeless.


The Pernicious One said...

Did you just say that Pink and Pink is fashion suicidal? DID YOU?

*dies of shock*

*Shreya* said...

how about those tee's with some gibberish written on the insides of the collar? like HULK/HUNK...seen it?

Or, zoo zoo tee's? i made a mention of them on my blog already =/

Or, nylon harem pants?

Or tunics...on bell bottom jeans.

Or sports shoes, like those meant for JOGGING n not for college wear. on skinny jeans.

or checked shorts. like every frigging Tom's girl, Dick's sister and Harry's grandmother has them on :|

Or shrugs. from fashion street/linking road. 50 bucks. all colours.
I do believe that fashion emerges from streets, but this is a total NO NO NO .

If I could go around with a gun and shoot these people.

Ramit said...

I'm going to be a good boy and keep my mouth shut here. :P

uglyduckling91 said...

Think I could pull off a Pink and Pink? *super slick one eyebrow raised smile*

Rishi said...

got some tips for me??

Chhaya said...

nice :)

i like ur _punny_ takes :D

btw, Grey happens to be my absolutely favorite color :(

Lavender said...

@Uglyducklin I don't think so :P

@Ramit : Lol

@Shreya: Oh god those shrugs *shields her eyes*
And also those awful things you mentioned.
When you take a gun to go shoot them please don't forget to take me along :D :P

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Karishma please please do more of these Fashion Suicidals.

So bloody funny!

I know someone who could read this and take a lesson.