Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I like the most about College Fests

  • Lots and lots of Eye candy. You know how shady the guys in KC are? You know how deprived our eyes are of the good stuff? Don't just sit there in front of your computer screens and nod because you'll never know!
  • No lectures!Yea that's right! No lectures. They get cancelled so as to encourage full participation.
  • How everyone tries to look their best and dresses exceptionally well. I love all the fashion statements (and some disasters) I get to see.
  • Unlimited Gossip. You know how BMM is filled with girls? And how most of the guys act like girls anyway? And you know what happens when people who despise each other have to work together for days? You get the point right? 

  • Catfights! Need I explain why? :)

  • Well lots of fab events to particpate in.
  • Lots of Fabulous Prices as well.
  • And freebies while the events are going on! Oh, how I love getting things I don't have to pay for!\
  • Such a great way to socialise with other colleges.

  • Such a great way to watch creatures from other college in a habitat other than their own. Then make fun of them and remind yourself how much better the people from your college actually are. Believe me, everytime I see people from colleges whose names I don't want to mention here, I fall in love with every living creature from KC.

  • The unlimited oppurtunitity to scream your lungs out. (Read: Cheer!)

  • Actually win brownie points for that! (Can you believe the PR event depends solely on how much you can cheer for your contingent?)

  • Act like ghaatis. Ever gone to shady cinemas to watch third grade Bollywood flicks? Seen the way people hoot and scream? Well fests make us behave a little bit like that. So everytime that shady guy from lets call it We-are-the-Losers College would come on stage to strut his stuff ( Mind you the guy was short. round and chose to wear sunglasses inside the audi) , E and I would start screaming things like - Abey Itam and  Hot stuff take that shirt off.
  • And the fact that we're the best Contigent and we ALWAYS win :D Go Chacha Chaudhary!

P.S. Chacha Chaudhary was the name they gave our contigent. So don't you dare judge me for writing that!


Jack said...


I can well visualise the chaos you people must have been creating. Lots of fun and at times fight too, isn't it?

Take care

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

We just had our college fest toO!!
Unlimited fun! :D

*Shreya* said...

1: since you'r a girl, i wont mind agreeing that KC guys are sad :D

2: fashion trends, shorts, shorts shorter than shorts, shorts that re-define the term shorts!!!!! what else do girls wear these days anyway :|

3: BMM. agree. totally.

4: freebies!!! the love of my life ^_^

5: acting ghaati!!!!!! ambition of my life ^_^