Thursday, November 12, 2009

Expectations and Lies.

When it comes to Giving, one should be able to give all that one can without expecting anything in return.
I was under the impression that I was capable of the same.
When I care about people I can go out of the way to make them happy.
It makes me happy to see the smile on their faces.
A while ago I did something for someone I care about deeply, that brought immense joy to him.
It gave me a sort of high.
I felt worthwhile because I was capable of making so much of a difference.

However, when I thought over what I had done the next day, it made me feel a little bit stupid.
Would he have done the same for me?
As if.
Would he do anything at all for me?
Once in a Blue Moon.
Would he atleast be grateful?
For a day. After that he wouldn't even remember.
So I set out to do something that was supposed to make me happy and ended up hurting myself instead.
All I wanted to say was, I want to be able to take and give back as much as I can.
I want to be able to give with my whole heart and hope for nothing in return.


Jack said...


It is very good trait to be able to do something for others for their happiness without expecing anything in return. It gives one a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. The only hitch is that after sometime people start taking you for granted and also start feeling what is your motive in doing such good deeds for everyone. Tongues start wagging. I do say do not care for such gossip. The worst is that if by chance you can not do something for someone who has asked for it then he or she will start saying ill about you. Of course very very few of them will do something for your when you need and what you have done will be forgotton. Inspite of all this I still say do whatever you can and leave the expectations home. But do not lower your self respect.

Take care

AJ said...

Dear Lavender,
Sorry to address you with your screen name coz' I don't know it.
Honestly speaking, even I used to think that one should care and love and give someone unconditionally but the truth is no matter how much we try to do so, we still end up sometime in life to have some expectation. Though, it can be just a very small expectation but still we as human always fall for getting something back. There is nothing wrong about it, if, what you expect is worth expecting and not too demanding :)

Amnn.......//1! said...

dude u can achieve tat ..with jus a lil bit of effort ,,,
but y wud u want such a thing ,,?
i mean be practical ,,,
now a days .. u have to be a lil selfish n i think bout urslef first too ..u know ... now a days ... good deeds rnt appreciated so much as bad deeds ...!!!
i'lll tell u secret tat i have learned ,,,
now a days u be rude to ppl n they will like u ,,,
n u be good to them ,, n they will think u r borin
so i used to think like u as well ,,,
but then after some while i started thinking otherwise otherwise ,,,

Rishi said...

not everybody can be a Gandhi or any saint, takes time, old age and baldness for that kind of enlightenment...

till then keep trying

PS: if u've done something good for someone, that someone will be thinking of ways to pay it back to u.... (with interest!!)

Lavender said...

@ jack : true. people do starting taking you for granted. So I suppose you have to make them realise what you are doing for them so that they may value you and not push you to do things for them all the time.

Lavender said...

@ AJ : My name's karishma. But you can call me Lavender if you want :)
And yes I agree with you, if your expectations aren't unrealistic, there is nothing wrong in having them. :)

@ Amnn: I know rude people seem to be in Fashion these days. Its a weird weird World :P

Lavender said...

@ Rishi: And Balding? :P Does greying count? I think I have a few grey hair already. Lol.

PaPiLLon said...

'I want to be able to give with my whole heart and hope for nothing in return.'

thats a really nice way of putting it..but actually if i am frank..thats what i have been trying to do since some time now...but havent been as successful..i always end up expecting something from most people that i am close to or attached to..including myself!

i guess i am gonna keep tring some tell me if it works for you!!.. :P