Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indian Eccentricities

Things I will never understand about my family and Indian Population in general :
  • How Ghee is supposedly the ultimate source of energy.
  • Why the best of way treating a guest is to feed him enough to give him diarrhea.
  • Sarees and short blouses are graceful, but cropped tops are looked down upon.
  • How possesion of gold is the best way of determining how successful a person is.

  • How marriage is supposedly the highlight of an individual's life.
  • The fact that arranged marriages are source of so much pride.
  • So is the boy from 'Amreeka'.

  • Their definition of 'Good Family', 'Khandani Log' and 'Khaata Peeta Ghar'.
  • Sympathies towards, families with no sons and only daughters. They fucking have every reason to celebrate.
  • The need to spend life savings on their children's wedding.

  • Why the most random people have to be invited, just because they're related to you, never mind that you haven't seen them in years! In a lot of cases, never!
  • Why the Bride's dress is costs more than everybody else's dresses combined. Oh wait, that I actually do understand.
  • How fairness defines value in the 'marriage market'.
  • Why it is acceptable for men to have lost their virginity before marriage but not women.
  • And why is virginity so overrated in the first place? How does it define anything about an individual's character.


    Akshay said...

    1)Hate Ghee. I can understand your bewilderment :p
    2)Don't mind that at all! Not when I'm the guest ;)

    The rest of it is somewhat true, but I don't think it applies to Indians in general.

    Not to my family atleast. Maybe what you describe is associated more with North Indians??

    Jack said...


    Visiting you after a gap as my PC was not working properly and now that it is behaving I have a lot to catch up with. Read 7 posts which were pending. So please be ready for a long comment. I totally understand Anita's perdictment. She can still salvage some of her life without upsetting anything. If you wish, you may speak to her and then let me know on my mail id. I as with a few NGOs as consultant now after having been associated on regular rolls for a few years. I am sorry to know about Chayji. It is a sad state of affairs that today's generation is more materialistic and does not have respect for values. I speak about majority and exceptions are always there. We are all selfish but degree varies. One needs to balance out between doing things for others and own requirements. I my opinion you should not forgo your chance of association with art but tell your friend to change her timing. Learning is a never ending process. One continues to learn new things till called back by the maker. It is good that you are thinking in lines of shedding unwanted emotional baggage but please do be careful as these days there is a lot of fraud in the name of religion or spirituality. Good photographs conveying a lot without too many words written. Now coming to this post, I agree with you on most of the issues. As far as dress is concerned one needs to see that it suits one's physique and does not seem vulgar. The example I could cite is of low waist jeans, I need not say anything more, isn't it? It is really unfortunate that people go for outward beauty which mainly is fairness. It is inner beauty which matters. Only thing to remember is that you will not eat something unless it is pleasing to eyes too. In case of humans it could be nice looking but not only colour which should matter. I always say that girls have equal right to live life as boys. But unfortunately it is by Nature that girls are always at the receiving end. A boy will get away with whatever with people saying " Boys will be boys " but a girl has to be very discrete about what she does. I have written a number of posts on almost all these subjects and if you find time do read them giving your valuable views.

    Take care

    Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

    Brilliant post. I totally love your blog so I am a devout follower from today:)

    Abyss said...

    This is hilarious. You've collected a really nice set of eccentricities.

    Lavender said...

    Thanku :)