Monday, February 22, 2010

For your ears only

(The title of this post has been inspired from the shady Katrina-Akshay song -For your eyes only! :P)

Eavesdropping can provide you with entertainment even reality shows fail to.
A colleague (let's call her Mo) walked into our department for a tete-a-tete with the gang.
That or just to show off the shiny cluster of rocks that adorned her perfectly manicured fingers.
It was such an amusing conversation.
While the ladies were cooing over the new ring and pretending not to be jealous at all, she started sharing gyaan on how to have 'The Man' wrapped around your little finger.

Mo: Always play hard to get. If you want to be valued by your man, you should let him chase you. That's how they are, they like the chase! See how my jaan tries to woe me. (Thrusts the ring in their faces and then takes deep breath so she watch the expression on their faces change again.)

Sto: I've been married for less than a year! Why can't my husband woe me like this?

Mo: (Thoroughly enjoying the attention) Infact, he called me right now and said I should get away from work so we can go somewhere fancy and have lunch together.

Sto: Even my husband used to be like this, until marriage that is. Mujhe bahar jaana itna acha lagta hai. Now we don't even go out even on holidays. All he ever does is laze around the house!

Mo: That's because you don't know how to deal with him yaar. See, all I did was call him up and say 'I feel so unloved, like a Virgin' and within seconds he proposed the idea of going for a romantic lunch.

Sto: (Looks at her in awe)

Mo: Pata hai When he came back from Cochin after a week, I didn't even hug him. I just asked how the trip was and went back to watching tv.

Sto: Sach mein?

Mo: See if you want to be treated the way I am you have to learn to make yourself unavailable. Why are you running behind him all the time? You have to make HIM do that!

Sto: (Keeps looking at her in awe)

Mo: The second you stop thinking about him, he'll start thinking about YOU! Pata hai it is the Universal Law of Nature. (She exhaled and flipped her hair, having convinces herself She that she has shared the most profound knowledge of all time)

Didn't I tell u eavesdropping is so much fun?


*Shreya* said...

its WOMEN that make a bit super extra fun :P

honestly itam, you think these things work???? let's try them and i tell you, going by our luck, we'll be presidents of our 'elite'(i better not divulge much info for the sake of your fans :P) club all our addition to our lives

But, you do realize one thing? imagine we go give such crap advice confidently??? understanding??? ;) people will follow it religiously, and the number of losers will shoot up ! genius i am :D

Weirdo guy said...

"Sto: I've been married for less than a year! Why can't my husband woe me like this?" tee hee... i doubt she wanted to be WOE-ed :P

any its not just women who are fun to overhear.. men too.. just that their loudness makes it pretty unnecessary to eavesdrop !

Heck even my post is about eavesdropping for that matter ! same pinch !

Disguise said...

Totally irrelevant, but my best friend is now following you :)

suruchi said...

Hmmm..interesting...though what fun it would be if we could get to know mo's hubby's side of story too...lolssssssss;-)

Vintage Obsession said...

i totally agree with suruchi:)
what fun its specially a little after lunch :)

Ravindra Merthi said...

lolzzz....sounds lik non-fiction

tin girl said...

Did they really say that?

I'd like to sock ALL those women on the head. (no offence if you happen to like them)

Lavender said...

@Shre: We should spend our lives giving such fantastic advice. I kid you not we will be bloody good at it.

@Tin Girl: Would u believe it?

@Suruchi: Fab idea :D

@Disguise: Who is my your friend btw?

Somak said...

That was a load of laughs. Eavesdropping is one of the most exciting things you can do. and its an amazing boredom killer. And in this case, you got some helpful advice. :P