Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you remember that day?

Do you remember that rainy Monday afternoon.
It wasn't just another Monday afternoon was it?
It certainly didn't feel like that.
Not after what you told me the night before.

It was also the day I wore my new jeans with my Scottish pinafore.
I couldn't stop ranting about it.
It was so easy to talk to you about the most random things.
So easy infact, I don't think I gave you a chance to talk at all that day.
I knew you wanted to say something.
I wish I had let you say it.

Then we stepped out for a bit.
It was a break from the study session.
Never mind that the 'studies' bit was an just another excuse to see each other.
I had the irresistible urge to grab your hand and pull you into the rain.
I didn't know what I liked more...
The thought of feeling the rain on my skin or walking by your side in what seemed like the most magical rain of the season.

But you grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car instead.
You said something about not wanting me to wander alone in the rain.
And then you looked at me like you were about to say the same things you did the night before.
I know I wanted you to say them.
Though I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear them yet.
I don't know why we were always so unsure of ourselves.

I keep wondering till this day if things would have turned out differently, had I grabbed your hand and taken you away instead.
The 14 of Feb, is just around the corner, and I don't know if I should say this, but I'm going to miss you a little even if I deny it.


*Shreya* said...

haaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hottie hottie hottie in the scene????!!?!?!?!? i want to know ^.^ and i guess he must have had his grammar right :P

Jack said...


When LOVE is in the air, follow your heart.

Take care

Weirdo guy said...

awww and i miss you too :P

*shows new ring*

now smile i say SMILE !!!

Cynthia said...

what I adore about this your prose
is the for-your-ears-only quality.
there is a natural flow and the
images are so inviting.

gorgeous blog!

Anonymous said...

loved the way u said all those that remains unsaid...

but it feels good too when u 'feel' the unsaid :D

nice read...

Disguise said...


smrithi rao said...

wish i could transform thoughts into words like the way you can :) well written :)

suruchi said...
if only all that was left unspoken could once in a while be spoken n all that's been said could oncein a while be erased off memories...we'd all be such happy yapping bunch of people:-)

like ur clear flow of words n expressions:-)