Sunday, August 1, 2010

Self help books and Shopping Lists.

Sexy Ladies log and garma-garam Gentlemen (Of course, I use this term very loosely),

Welcome to a very Polka -dotted Technicoloured Dreams, which as you know, will not be Technicoloured Dreams for a very long time. Let's say this ever so awesome blog needs a change. I'm done talking about the future. From this day onwards it's going to be about 'now'. You know like those pseudo-intellectuals who write self help books like 'the Power of Now' and all that. In case, you guys didn't know, I judge anybody and everybody standing ten feet around the self-help section in bookstores. As for those who write them, I think there's a special place reserved for them in 'Loserville'. Yeeeny-way, has it occured to you that irrelevant is my middle name?

Coming back to my blog name. I want something that sounds super-awesome, you know. And for the lovely person who does come up with a name for ze blog-ness, I will find you super-awesome husbaaand/ wifey for them. Weirdoooo Guy (my phace-book hus-band), if you're reading this, this does *not* apply to you. *Evil laughter*

Since irrelevant talks seems to be the order of the day, can I make a shopping list now? Pretty, pink please, with chocolate butter and cheese :D *Looks at people running away and decides to shut up*
Anyway here it goes,

  • Sexy cotton kurtas. Is there a book on how to be a droolworthy journo? Well, if there was one, you know what would top the list :)
  • Patialas. To go with kurtas ofcourse.
  • Technicoloured dhoti pants. Because they are the love <3
  • Tank tops in every colour. To go with the pants.
  • Scarves/ dupattas. Because every journo must have them.
  • Indian chappals. Well it would go with everything I mentioned here.
  • Elephant earrings :D
  • Oxidised silver jewellery *dances at the thought*
And now for my non-journo-ish Lust list :
  • Brogues! I want them! I need them! I must have them! Or else I will die.
  • Purple Mary janes!
  • Silverish grey gladiators.
  • And finally a purple one shoulder dress.
  • Oh and one of those black french caps that Sonam is wearing in the Aisha promo. Actually, why not just have her entire closet, no? *grins from ear to ear*
Wow, my list is unusuaallly small, isn't it? I must be improving.  :O

Before I leave, I want to thank the lovely Me-era with the award she presented me with earlier today. It put me in super-eeeee mood and inspired me to get back to abondoned blog. And here I am, promising, no pinky promising that I'm going to back with more.

Until Abhay Deol continues to be the second ideal husband!



Me-Era* said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! :) As for the blog name, only I know how difficult it can get to choose. :D Hope you come with something awesome!
And may your shopping list be fulfilled soon! ;)

Parinita Shetty said...

Even I have shopping list now! But it's very teenytiny compared to yours.

Nads said...

woah!! U lyk Sonam's look in Aisha?? I too want everything from that movie. *dreams about the prospect of dressing up lyk Sonam* waise I lub ur list. I want zee same stuff as you. :D :D

Rishi said...

what is elephant earings? sound disturbing

- A Crooked Smile

tin girl said...

do you ever think about anything other than clothes?

Pratik Gupta said...

OoOhhh...this was "snitchy" post :)