Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Happened.

Out of all the things that have me kicked out of my mind, stalking stylish people for my blog is the ultimate.
Uploading their pictures and acting like some self-proclaimed expert comes number two on the list.
Need I mention getting models all decked up with what I have picked, while they go prissy and pouty in front of the camera?
And then there's a kick, that surpasses all of the above.
What can I tell you Niggas?
Love is happening!
Saxy boyfrand hasn't come along yet, but for now another sort of love will suffice.

A Journalist from Tehelka called me up the other day and said she is doing a feature of fashion Bloggers in the country and wanted to feature my blog as well.
Relentless flow of tears happened.
Yes I'm melodramatic like that.

So she called me up for an interview and to be honest I felt quite celebrity-ish.
I didn't know how long it would be until I get another shot at this, so I took the opportunity to rant as much as I can and pretend like all the gyaan in the world was sitting that brain of mine.

To top it all, there was a fancy photoshoot and all.
And I was the model for a change.
Of course, I went totally over the top, pulled on a pair of yellow net stockings, wore a floral hippie skirt, yellow tank top, pink ruffled waistcoat, golden ballerinas, loads of pink accessories and viola!
The shoot was so much fun I tell you!
We went to Dhobi Ghat.
I'm going to skip the part where we got visually molested, almost slipped a hundred times and left the place with drops of soapy water stains all over our dresses.

This was followed by a shoot on Mahalaxmi bridge.
We clicked some pictures on the road, standing on the divider, crossing the road, standing against the railing and all that.
Again celebrity-ish-ness happened.
Hope the pictures come out well.
I'll post a link here!
And for those of you who haven't visited the Blog yet, you must click here!

Now speaking of love, I must confess that my love-hate relationship with gladiators has finally come to an end!
It's love, love and just love now.
I bought this awesome pair of black ankle length gladiators the other day, with bronze studs all over them.
I haven't taken them off ever since.
Not even in my sleep.


That's all for now, my chocolate coated Muffins.
I've changed my name from lavender to K-ay because it's closer to my name and Lavender is just something I randomly picked for the lack of something better.
When people call me Lavender, it feels a bit strange.
It reminds me of one of those characters from a 17th century novel, dressed in a white gown with exaggerated puff sleeves and sitting in a carriage waiting for prince charming to come along.
Real name is not a good option, because if ze relatives will go on a name googling spree and come across this Blog either, life will be over before it even starts!
So K-ay its is as of now!
Have a colourful week!
See you around more often!


Shreya said...

We want pictures we want pictures we want pictures we want pictures we want pictures *sits down and continues ranting in cotton kurta + jhola et all that :p*

The title ... i flipped, well almost :D

We weel find one saxy raju vinod bunty for you now :P

sulagna ™ said...

yeah yeah we want pictures of you in your yellows and pinks..i bet it will be as pretty as yours in pink n black on your blog :)

Way to go sunshine girl...K-kay...awesome

Thousif Raza said...

wow congrats.... that is so awesome girl... keep on going kay.... wish you good luck for the future... and tell me when the issue come out... i will buy it this one time ;)

take care and keep writing..........

Nicole said...

And that's what you've been upto in the name of love. Gladiator shopping!!! :)
Oh! and you totally deserve a call from Tehelka!!!!! :)
Congrats beta. May you get more calls from these newspaper and magazine waale log *coughs*

Weirdo guy said...

hah.. if you think you changing your name to k-ay is gonna stop me from calling you lavender you are mistaken !

and i dont know about you but the only thing that came to my mind of hearing the name was the character from the harry potter series !

Pavitra .... said...

hey thats really cool! congrats!! waiting for the link..
So photoshoot and all ha....Sahi hai!
Also...I loved the name K-AY!

Jack said...


When do we see that photograph of yours in colourful attire? You sleep with gladiators on! Looking for your visit.

Take care

oRange* said...

WOW! Some exciting shit happening haa :)
and yes, picturessss!

Somak said...

Saxy models and saxy photoshoot...

Surreal said...

Congrats Karishma! Your fashion blog is really fantastic. Wish you lots fo success and happiness. :)

K-ay said...

@Surreal: That is really sweet of you :)

@Somak: saxy pictures will be up soon :P

@oRange: Yes yes!

@Jack: Haha! That i will! Will visit soon :)

K-ay said...

@Pavitra: good! Atleast someone does :)

@Weirdo: Well you're allowed to call me whatever you want *flutters eyelashes* :P :P

@Nicole: The only lo-uu that's happening right now Honey :P

@Thousif : You are way too kind!

K-ay said...

@Shre: Can I have Raju, Bunty AND Vinod? =D

@Sulagna: Pink and Black girl isn't me! But thanks anyway! :)

Disguise said...


I'm extremely happy for you :) Way to go!

"just a pen in my hand" said...

way over the edge ! haha...nice...saw tat other blog too...hmmm...pretty !

Shreya said...

you can have Raju Bunty Vinod Suresh Panjak Mahesh every every everyone :D

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Nice nice nice!!! :) :)
I'm so proud! :P
(don't like at me like i'm dumb. :P )
But yeah i really am proud of you! :D Awesome!
and ok you're k-ay from now! ;)

- Sugar Cube - said...

That's pretty cool :)

I want gladiators too :(

Chocolatelover said...

That;s just great, you get to do nice stuff!! :)
gladiators!! <3 <3

great, real name is a bit of a problem really, and about the lavender thing, i think that sounds pretty random which is basically great!!! :D

Illusory said...

Sounds suppa fun !

Sumi said...

lovely blog dear..read some posts in random, like the way u write. will ahve to drop in more often :)