Monday, April 4, 2011


There is a whole lot of darkness. And a little bit of light.
You can feel the wind blowing, when you stand on a height.
It brings a little bit of cheer. And a little bit of melancholy.
Together they live in my heart and challenge the very idea of harmony.
I'm singing songs. The happy and tragic sort.
I'm blowing bubbles. I'm bursting thoughts.
They are the same colour and somehow they look like different colours to me.
O ye, conflicting emotions, are you going to be the death of me?


Shreya said...

"I'm blowing bubbles. I'm bursting thoughts."

It had to had to had to had to remind me of us. :')

Jack said...

G o N,

Read both poems now. Hope your dream gets fulfilled. Why conflicting emotions? One can be with what one wishes.

Take care