Friday, March 4, 2011

There is a cupcake inside my cookie

[Statutory Warning: The picture and title have absolutely nothing to do with the story]

I walk into the kitchen to see a big box of cookies lying on the table.
No, no. *Big* box of *big* cookies.
Giant size bites of happiness.
I almost felt like the chocolate chips on top were forming a face. :)
One that kept grinning at me excessively and idiotically.

I knew it that very moment.
The only place these cookies would look a little more delightful then they already do, was inside my stomach.
And for the first time in my life, I was taken over by feeling so strange that I'm not even sure it happened.
As soon as I had a couple of bites, I realized the cookies were almost too sweet for my tastebuds.
And all I could have was one.
I have never ever been repelled by sugar before. Ever ever ever.
Is it just me or is world actually actually taking somersaults?

Anyhooooow, I've recently learned the meaning of the word M.I.A.
Missing in action, for those dimmer than I am.
And I honestly think it's such a cool word that I'm going to disappear from blogspot every now and then just so I can come back and say: I'm so sorry! I've been MIA.

Now coming back to real reasons for why this post is being written.
The exams are coming closer.
The University ones.
Gaaaaaaaaaaah. *Makes a face*
And obviously all this time, while I was jobless I never had the urge to write
Not once.
Not twice.
Now that I know I'm supposed to be buring myself inside a pile of books until they form a fortress around me, I'm taken over by that irresistible urge to turn my stupid little thoughts into words.
Obviously there is a major dysfunction in the way I was made. *Dramatic sigh*
Why else would I ignore my blog when I have nothing to do and embrace it like my long lost husband when there are million things to do?

But, I have to admit.
Goddess of Nonsense Mrs Doodling Irrelevant Thoughts
Mrs = misses.
Get eeeeet?

I'd like act *Smug Muffin* and take full credit for that SofunnyIcouldLaughingandNeverRecover (or not) joke.
But the tragic truth is, that joke will never be mine.
One of my very awesome friend came up with it.
Also, what exactly does that say about my company?

Another friend of mine makes it a point to use '>.<' this emoticon every time he talks to me.
Emoticons are inspired by real life emotions.
However, our emotions are inspired by emoticons.
We've practising '>.<' look ever since.
The world must slow down it's suomersaults.
In case you're wondering what you're doing on the blog of a twelve year old, I thought I should make it a point to mention to you that I'm actually twenty.
Yes, two with a zero.
Wait, what? You would have never guessed?
Yeah, me neither.

I promise the next time I'm going to try to make some sense of what I say and sound very cool and twenty-ish.

*Doodles hearts*

Goodbye, cupcakes!


Abhishek said...

Who is this friend of yours who keeps >.< at you?

Cookies were too sweet for you? We >.< a little more and you would be sipping Diet Coke soon. Seriously.

But anyway we all know where we're going. Hint : Zoom in and out of your dream. Yes there, Now I will try and sound intelligent to survive.

Emoticons and emotions, so true. Now go give me additional points for my glare because I commented here >.<

S said...

Haha, I love your blog! I have those moments when I use an emoticon coz it seems to fit perfectly with my point in my head, but I can never figure out how to actually express the emotion in reality. The world is a strange place xP

Jack said...

G o N,

Had a good laugh. May you have billions of things to do so you can not be M I A.

Take care

Alok said...

'>.<' looks most appropriate when surrounded by '\m/'s:

\m/ >.< \m/

Another interesting abbreviation to know of: D.I.D. (Damsel in Distress).

I made a diligent effort of trying to make sense of this post, and I think the central ide- Hey look! A ball! *boing* boing*

Goddess of Nonsense said...

@Abhishek: Stop being so adorable, no? *Free hug*

@S: Strange, indeed. >.<

@Alok: DID? :O Ha! Thank you. :D

@Jack: You are the nicest. Thank you. :]

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Lol I loved your post! And trust me, its not just you. Everybody blogs more during their exams. Thats how I'm reading and commenting on your post now. :P

The joke was funny. Very funny.

and isn't this how 20 year olds write? :P cos I crib more.

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Harini, you are awesome. Period. *Grins*