Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miksang and the fine art of Photography

I have no hope, do I?
1.40 a.m . and here I am blogging.
What was I doing through the rest of the day?
Never mind.

I'm doing a photography course in college which I very excited about.
Creative people need newer outlets, right?
So I draw the curtians, pull the blanket and switch off the light.
My mind wanders.
The song from Coke's ad plays in my head. Aaj ki raat, koi aane ko hai.
The song somehow makes sense to me. Don't ask me to explain.
An image of the scarlet pleated pants I saw at Zara flash before my eyes. I should have just bought them, no?
They were fucking gorgeous.
I hear my brother singing somehwere in the background. I didn't know bathroom singers come alive at this time. Some of us are trying to sleep people!
Then I start to think of the jeggings I bought. I can't wait for it to be tomorrow. Only and only so I can wear them and walk around and take pictures.
And suddenly, I am wide awake.
Damn you, Miksang. You're the real cause of my insomnia.

Our assignment involves taking pictures with the unconscious mind.
On most days, my conscious mind is only half awake.
Having said that, I feel like Miksang was created for people like me.

The assignment is due tomorrow and I know I should have taken pictures a long time ago, but it's been a busy, busy week.
So I'm going to step out early in the morning and walk around places in this city I love the most.
The very thought of it makes me love the world a little more.

Until then, you treat your eyes to previously taken pictures that now qualify as Miksang.

Can you guess which one is my favourite?


Mani Lalwani said...

I wonder sumtimes why is it that an ample no. of the bloggers are insomniacs and vica versa ?

best of luck for the photography venture!

wild guess - The third pic :)
Its serene and beautiful!

Anyways Hope you conquer over your sleep really soon!

- Fellow insomniac (see, the odd timings to confirm :P)

Sam B said...

The 4 th pic!

Shreya said...

Obviously the fourth pic :P it better be.

My favourite is the 5th one, or the 3rd one :)


Goddess of Nonsense said...

@mani: Fellow insomian club we should start man.

@ Sam: yesyes!

@Shre: Digi cam it is. :D

malpani.!! said...

beautiful pictures.. so we have a wake up sid amongst us..!! i like the coke ad btw..

i liked the 2nd picture..

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

of course the shoes.... :D

but I liked the first and the second... good good.. creative gal :D

Rishi said...

I guess the fourth one is ur fav but I loved the first one more...


Goddess of Nonsense said...

You guys got it right! :O
Wheeee! =)