Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nonsense. Goddess of Nonsense.

One day before my prelim paper, I bury my notes, hide all of my books and swallow my biting conscience. Why? So I could entertain all seventy five of you. And another 25 odd followers who stalk my blog regularly, but refuse to follow. I decide to spend the 57.23 good minutes of my evening writing a blogpost, and I have absolutely no comments! Zero. Zilch. Shunya. Have you been hit by a bus? Better still, *run over*? Well, if you haven't, I hope you do! All seventy five of you! Grrrrr.

Anyway. There is yet another paper tomorrow and I'm giving into the temptation. Damn you blogspot! I'm going to sue you if I don't do well.

Looks like I forgot to mention Facebook? One notification after another. One pointless conversation after another. Aaaa! Mental spam.

On top of that, something very amusing I read on Facebook struck me during the paper. Mental giggle fest I went on. That was right before mental giggle fest #2, which happened as a result of a friend mentioning something else that happened on Facebook. All that, while I'm trying to remember answers that I didn't study. Why? Ummm because I was on Facebook.

But for a good two hours yesterday Facebook evaded me. That's when Gtalk stepped in. It's so much better to talk without worrying about the person on the other end dying for a minute or two ever now and then. Apparently, matchmaking is my exam stressbuster. I've been trying very hard to set one of my friends up. Who you may ask? Well, lets call him Champu Scooterwala, a.k.a log mujhe pyaar se Scoooooter bulate hai.

Me: I want to keeeeeeeeel somebody!
Scooter: Who ser?
Me: Well, for starters I could kill you.
Scooter: But, if you kill me what will happen to 'the plan'? (the plan being me setting him up with another friend)
Me: It's a dead plan! You killed it a looooong time ago. You will die a virgin! I promise you.
S: Why sir? :( (yes, he refers to me as sir. He's is very cool like that)
Me: Because you haven't asked her out yet!
S: I will. Give me exactly two weeks, sir.
Me: TWO WEEKS? Omg you need more time?
S: Uh you want to me to ask her out now?
S: But sir! Build up hona chahiya na!
S: No sir! I will.
S: No no! Today!
S: I promise!
Me: Kalank!
S: Arrey! I said na, todaaaay.
Me: Thoooooo!

Very happening life I have.
Anyway, I'm going to go study now.

P.S. I'm going to marry the owner of Theobroma and then have an extramarital affair with owner of Cafe Moshe. Wheeeeeeee!


The Bald Guy said...

Good luck for your exams!

The Bald Guy said...

P.S. Never heard of Theo or Moshe.

Anonymous said...

FACEBOOK has killed my chances of having any sort successful career too. add to it blogger and skypee and youtube and random-stuff-that-i-dont-know-how-i-get-on.

your post on camping made me quite nostalgic! sounded like you had an awesome time..stories are way better than the reality at that moment.

Heavenly Muse said...

very interesting title....i wonder why Greek mythology does not have any goddess for this very domain.

Parinita said...

Oh my god hahahahahahahaha you put it up on your blog! Scooter!


Shreya said...

ya ya now quietly tell me who this champu shampoo scooter carwala is ya :D

and yea, if you royally ignore your technicoloured dreams for more "kewl" sounding fashion blogs, you are bound to be ostracized by the writer-blogger community. I say WELL DESERVED ><

Rahil said...

hehe, the same teen story. We all go through. Facebook, twiiter, blogs..take a hell crap time out of my 24hrs also. And knowing all, i still continue wasting time.

Ahh, its like addiction, i hope there wud be anti-internet vaccinations available in the market.

Crap apart. best wishes for the exam. Hope you do great and make yourself feel guuudd :-)

Magali said...

You want us to get run over? So mean.
And down with the amorous thoughts. And I agree with wastey's last statement!
Hmph :| *sulks*

malpani.!! said...

the conversation was hilarious..!!
n how did i miss commenting here.. next time i will take care sir.. :p

o btw Tiramisu at Theobroma.. awesome!

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Thankyou Baldy! And you must :)

H, yes yes! They are.

Heavenly Muse... that's ok. Blogspot does :D

Goddess of Nonsense said...

@Shre: I won't anymore! Pinky martiny all the way :D

Thankyou Rahil! Tell me when you find the vaccination.

@Magali: Now I dont! haha!

Malpani: You're the bestest :)